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Due to circumstances completely beyond my control, Petluck.ca will need to be on pause for a moment. I will be accepting new postings until the end of today, October 2nd, 2014.  After which, I will continue to update those postings that are already published, and hopefully find a solution shortly. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

I’m currently looking at options for continuing the site, but I would require a minimum amount of support, in keeping me updated on your lost pet’s status!

** UPDATE : Thank you to those who have expressed concern, I have not been able to give 100% due to illness, and have neglected many messages, so I apologize for that. I’ve been continuing to post the ads that seem to keep coming in, and have been asked what help is needed by several people.

However, there are two very small requests that seem to go unnoticed and this for over 5 years now. One is the very simple and basic courtesy that I be kept updated when your animals are found, so that the site will run more efficiently.

And the other is that a small contribution could be made to help with the maintenance of the site. It’s just not possible to run the service on my own resources. I’m aware that there are many other free sites to post on, but Petluck is the only bilingual and completely dedicated lost and found website in the city, with archives that have allowed some lost animals to go home many months after their disappearance. Surely that is worth the price of a coffee. Thanks! I hope to be back on track very soon!

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I’m hoping to provide a good tool for reuniting lost and found pets with their owners. Send the information on the pet you’ve lost or found to petluckblog@gmail.com with a picture (jpeg) if possible and any details, and I’ll publish it for you here. Please be clear as to the text and contact information you want published, and please send the information in text, not image format, I don’t have time to retype it!! I’ll need, of course, the closest address to place it on the map. (a postal code works really well) I also highly recommend subscribing to your post once published, so that you’ll receive any comments left for you without delay, as they cannot always be forwarded. The form to subscribe will be found just underneath your ad. To access it click on your ad title. (If your notice hasn’t been published within 24 hours, I didn’t receive your message!) Also, please note that your posts stay up until I’m updated !

I also wanted to provide some useful tips as well as links to places that you might also think about listing. As well as putting up posters and checking shelters there are many places to list and not everyone’s familiar with them all. Please feel free to send me any useful links that I might have missed. You’ll find them on the tips and links page. I’m hoping that the site will stay as up to date as possible, and that even if you’re posters are down and listings dropped down further on the classifieds sites, your pet will stay on the map until you’re hopefully reunited.

The only thing I ask in return for this service is that you please keep me informed if you find your pet, or found the home of the animal you took in (just send me an email!). It’s important that the blog be as up to date as possible for it to be most effective. I can’t stress enough how important it is that the attention is completely focused on those still in need. And besides, I’d love to know how things turned out, as would many of my readers! over the years I’ve come to realize just how valuable the happy endings are in helping people to stay positive. And if you think the site is worthwhile and want to see it continue, please consider donating the price of a cup of coffee, your support is much needed.Thanks!

IMPORTANT : On the links page I have included those to city shelters. The Montreal SPCA has a blog where they post their strays, including pets being held by the people who found them.  Berger Blanc, started to publish their strays (July 14th, 2011). Laval is now covered by Auberge Zen, you’ll find their strays posted here.  On the South Shore, A.M.R. has a page for their strays and les Services Animalières de la Rive-Sud publishes their strays here. But it’s still very important to physically go and check the shelters. Animals are often only kept for 3-5 days depending on their age, condition, and time of year, and if unclaimed they are then either euthanized or put up for adoption. For various reasons your pet might not end up at the shelter serving your area, so check all. It’s not enough to call them. Even if your pet has tags this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be notified. It’s best to act as though your pet didn’t have any identification when conducting your search. And please realize it could be many months before your pet shows up !

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Any information concerning the animals listed should be given directly to their owners, through their contact information listed on their posting. Comments can’t be forwarded. Thanks !

Calico cat found in St-Léonard

cat found in St-Léonard

Beautiful little calico female, found on the evening of November 25th on 25th Ave close to Jean Rivard. She had no collar, but was meowing she must surely belong to someone as she is very playful, sweet and gentle.

If this is your cat, please contact me, Angela : e-mail: anngeliq[at] gmail[dot] com

Pregnant grey cat lost in Ville Marie


A friend of mine went to the country (Berthier) to get a little pregnant cat, about to give birth so she can have her babies in a warm home. But, horror, arriving at her home in Montreal the bottom of the cage gave way and she fell to the ground. We are desperately looking for her. This arrived on Monday (November 24th)

We don’t have a photo. She is a small gray cat. (One eye is running) She is really small (except for her big belly because she is pregnant). She escaped on Robin and Amherst Street in Montreal H2X 3L7

The phone number to reach my friend is 514-523-5914

We are desperate with the cold weather coming. Thanks.

Cat found in Pointe-Claire

cat found in Pointe Claire

This 4 to 5 year old male was found near the intersection of Windmill and Elm streets in Pointe-Claire on November 22nd. We were told he had been wandering around the neighbourhood for over 3 weeks.

Please call Coupe Lion/Lion Kuts at 514-505-6600

Grey and white kitten lost in Fabreville

cat lost in Laval
I lost my cat on November 25th,, in Laval, Fabreville. I live on rue des Castors near the golf Ste-Rose. He is about 5 months old, had his collar when he disappeared, and is microchipped. He is grey and white.

Reward if someone finds him, thanks.

Contact : 514-919-9288 or 514-929-9289


Husky type dog spotted in Pointe-aux-Trembles

dog-xToday, Wednesday, November 26, at 11:45, a husky type male, passed near me. He was black with the tip of the white tail, blue eyes and was wearing a black collar. It seems to me that it was a male, judging by his way of urinating. He seemed quite shy and I could not approach him.

He went along the old line of the CN railway towards 43rd Avenue, Pointe-aux-Trembles. He is a beautiful dog and must be missed by  a loving family.

I remain on the lookout to try to catch him.

Contact : smfiset[at] gmail[dot] com


SilverOur cat Silver has been missing since November 19, 2014 in the village of St-Liboire (J0H 1R0) near St-Hyacinthe. Hw is a neutered male cat but not declawed, gray, short-haired with a white spot on the chest and one on the abdomen. He is shy but not at all aggressive. He is greatly missed !!

If you have seen or found him, you can contact us at 450-793-3032 Thank you !!!

Orange and white tabby found in East Bolton

cat found in Bolton
I’d like to know if this cat has an owner.

If someone recognizes him, contact me at mckauffmann2[at] hotmail[dot] com. Merci.

Orange and white cat lost in McMasterville

cat found in McMasterville
Hello, I lost this cat in McMasterville, orange and white male, declawed.

Courriel : ptitgalop83[at] gmail[dot] com


Her name is Moka, she had her little medal around her neck with her name and telephone number: 418-609-6993. She is a little more than a year old, a female of about 9 pounds. Sector of Orsainville-Charlesbourg,rue des Loutres et des Platanes, postal code G1G 6B5. She went out in the morning, came back 2 times while we were working in the yard and never returned. Always come back at the end of the PM usually. She has her claws on 4 paws. Very affectionate, somewhat shy with strangers outside. We are very concerned for her…

Contact : 418-609-6993


Please kindly note I lost my cat in the Morning of November 24th. In the Kirkland Area. Chemin Sainte-Marie/ Saint Tropez H9J 2K8. Male Cat, short hair, green eyes, neutered 12 Year old cat. He answers to the name: Schnouky. Very social.

Please contact 514-699-9667 or 514-694-5552 THANK YOU!!!


cat lost in Chateauguay

Lost since Sunday night, November 16th 2014 in the area of rues Beethoven/Rameau, Châteauguay J6K 2Y2. Male cat, a little fat, beige (pale orange), long-haired, orange/brown eyes, a little almond. We miss him a lot

If you find or see him, you can reach us at 450-699-8338.


TaïlangHi, I’m looking for an adult male Bengal (2 years old) neutered, silver-gray and spotted with black. He answers to the name Taïlang and was not wearing a collar that day. He is missing since October 22, 2014, the region he was lost in was the avenues of Ile-Perrot (J7V).

Take a look around, please, and if you see him, please let me know at 450-419-8432.

I can not imagine him being a stray cat… Thanks 1000x.