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I’m hoping to provide a good tool for reuniting lost and found pets with their owners. Send the information on the pet you’ve lost or found to [email protected] with a picture (jpeg) if possible and any details, and I’ll publish it for you here. Please be clear as to the text and contact information you want published, and please send the information in text, not image format, I don’t have time to retype it!! I’ll need, of course, the closest address to place it on the map. (a postal code works really well) I also highly recommend subscribing to your post once published, so that you’ll receive any comments left for you without delay, as they cannot always be forwarded. The form to subscribe will be found just underneath your ad. To access it click on your ad title. (If your notice hasn’t been published within 24 hours, I didn’t receive your message!) Also, please note that your posts stay up until I’m updated !

I also wanted to provide some useful tips as well as links to places that you might also think about listing. As well as putting up posters and checking shelters there are many places to list and not everyone’s familiar with them all. Please feel free to send me any useful links that I might have missed. You’ll find them on the tips and links page. I’m hoping that the site will stay as up to date as possible, and that even if you’re posters are down and listings dropped down further on the classifieds sites, your pet will stay on the map until you’re hopefully reunited.

The only thing I ask in return for this service is that you please keep me informed if you find your pet, or found the home of the animal you took in (just send me an email!). It’s important that the blog be as up to date as possible for it to be most effective. I can’t stress enough how important it is that the attention is completely focused on those still in need. And besides, I’d love to know how things turned out, as would many of my readers! over the years I’ve come to realize just how valuable the happy endings are in helping people to stay positive. And if you think the site is worthwhile and want to see it continue, please consider donating the price of a cup of coffee, your support is much needed.Thanks!

IMPORTANT : On the links page I have included those to city shelters. The Montreal SPCA has a blog where they post their strays, including pets being held by the people who found them.  Berger Blanc, started to publish their strays (July 14th, 2011). Laval is now covered by Auberge Zen, you’ll find their strays posted here.  On the South Shore, A.M.R. has a page for their strays and les Services Animalières de la Rive-Sud publishes their strays here. But it’s still very important to physically go and check the shelters. Animals are often only kept for 3-5 days depending on their age, condition, and time of year, and if unclaimed they are then either euthanized or put up for adoption. For various reasons your pet might not end up at the shelter serving your area, so check all. It’s not enough to call them. Even if your pet has tags this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be notified. It’s best to act as though your pet didn’t have any identification when conducting your search. And please realize it could be many months before your pet shows up !

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Any information concerning the animals listed should be given directly to their owners, through their contact information listed on their posting. Comments can’t be forwarded. Thanks !


In the evening of June 26th, I lost my brown head parrot named Rafiki. He flew away from my home in Dorval corner Bord-du-Lac and Mimosa. His name is Rafiki and he is ringed. Please contact me if you see him, have information or find him.

Reward to whoever brings him to me.

Cell: 581-777-7179 or Home: 514-633-9274


I lost my black cat with 2 white spots, one on his neck and one on his stomach. On June 23rd in the evening on rue Louis Sicard in St-Léonard near de Langelier and Jarry.

If you see him call 514-955-8923 or 514-867-8923. Thanks.

Fatality in Beloeil – orange tabby

Sad news in Beloeil.

I’m sending information about a fatality in Beloeil found the morning of June 28, 2016.

  • Description : Blond orange cat.
  • Endroit : in front of 100, CHOQUETTE, BELOEIL, QC, J3G 1Z4

I’m really sorry for the owners.

Contact : hebert[dot] laperle[at] gmail[dot] com

A photo for identification purposes can be found here.

Mr Bubulle

Mr Bubulle
Hi, we just moved in Île Perrot on Blvd Perrot. We lost our cat Mr Bubulle. He is a 4 years old male, not fixed and not used to going outside. We miss him dearly and our daughter cries alot. He left 3 days ago 🙁 hopefully this ad Will help us . Thank you.

Contact : menard[dot] marie07[at] gmail[dot] com


We live on rue Lavoie in Saint-Hubert (J3Y 8S6). We’re looking for our cat, Stella, who ran away just before our move. She left on Wednesday, June 22nd. Stella is black and white, long-haired. She is small and still (11 mois).

I have a little girl of 5 who would really like us to find her.

To contact me : sa[dot] lecavalier[at] gmail[dot] com

Tabby cat found in Vieux Rosemont

cat found in Rosemont
Cat found on Laurier Avenue between 15th and 16th Avenue, Vieux Rosemont, H1X 1V5. It seems to be a female, long haired, brown / black, green eyes and little white chin whiskers. She is very affectionate, not wild but a little frightened.

I fed her and offered her to come inside the house but she prefers to hide in the bushes next to my building.

I can feed her until Thursday (June 30th, 2016) in the evening, after that I’m going on holiday so I would take her to the SPCA. Thank you.

Contact me : marine[dot] landureau[at] gmail[dot] com


Minichat disappeared on June 26th, corner De Gaspé – Bélanger. She’s grey, long hair, yellow eyes, around 6lbs and 17inches long, wonderful tail. She has been spaid a month ago, so we can still see her skin on her belly. She has no collar, no tattoo since she’s never outside.

Please call 514-692-0084 if you have any informations, 24/7.

Offering cash to whoever brings her back to us.

Small dog found in St-Michel – is at Berger Blanc

dog found in St-Michel
Hi I found a small female, I think she is a poodle, today around 11am on 14th avenue in Montreal in the borough of St-Michel. Very affectionate, obviously a little older, black (brown), female. She is currently at the Berger Blanc in Montreal waiting to find her family.

Contact : Berger Blanc 9825 Henri-Bourassa est : 514-494-2002

Tuxedo kitten found in Montréal-North

kitten found in Mont North
This black and white kitten was found the evening of June 22 in Montreal North on the corner of Ste-Colette and Albert Duquesne. He is a male kitten of about 3-4 months old. He did not have a collar and is not declawed or sterilized. He is very friendly and is not afraid of people. He did not eat much when we tried to feed him which leads me to believe that he is either abandoned or lost.

I can be contacted by email at: juliadif[at] sympatico[dot] ca


We’ve lost our lovebird, in the Outremont district (H3S 2P3). He’s named Spif and is about 3 months old.

Me joindre au 514-730-3668.