1. Hi, there is a cat similar to yours, he started coming around here in the summer, we live in Pincourt, we have been feeding him, he is very friendly, he has beautiful blue eyes. I just found this website today. Please let me know. Tks.

  2. Hi, this is the owner of Simba. Please disregard the message that says he has been found, because he is still missing. We are still looking for him, so please contact me with any information!!
    Thank -you!

    Allo, on cherche toujours Simba, il n’est pas retrouver, alors le message par dessus n’est pas correct. S.V.P me contacter avec toute information!!

    1. Author

      Hi Lauren, So as not to confuse people I’ve trashed those comments, I hadn’t noticed that they were still there! Thanks!!

  3. les images sont ressemblantes = Lu sur un autre site: dec 7, i fond a black beige tabby, long hair, in laval west, heavy but not fat, more info 514-561-7367

    1. Thank you Diane! I spoke with the other person who found the cat, but it was not Simba 🙁 We are still looking for him!

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