1. Hello,
    When did you see this cat for the first time ? Mine was still at home Wednesday, July 12, at 7pm…
    I look at theBerger Blanc website many times a day and
    you are right, there is one that look very much like mine, but she is not😢.
    Thanks very much for your concern, it is very much appeciated.

  2. Hi
    There is a similar cat that I have befn feeding outside my house since last week. I live in place Renaud Laval which is near St.Martin East. The cat waits outside my house every morning and when I come home from work the cat is usually already waiting for food. Cat runs away when I it sees me. This cat is not wearing a collar but it could of came of.

    1. I think there is a similar cat also on Berger BLANC website as found. Maybe that one could be yours.

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