1. Hello – I’m the person who found this cute kitten on Sunday. Update: nobody has come forth to claim her, but this cutie pie now has a loving home. My landlady has decided to keep her. She, her 3 kids and dog adore the kitten and don’t want to let her go. Happy ending for this precious kitty.

    1. I am really happy that the kitten found a good home ! Take care, Isabelle.

      1. Author

        Thanks for offering. There are plently more lovely young cats in need if the family you know would like to adopt! I’m happy she found a home too!

  2. Il est bien beau!!

    1. Author

      Oui, c’est frappant comment elle est belle!

  3. Hello, Did someone came forward to claim to beautiful kitten? If not , is the person who rescued him considering adoption? I know a good family who would love to adopt him… Please let me know, Best Regards, Isabelle.

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