1. YAY!!!!!!! Details …….. and how is he?

    1. and thank you Petluck 🙂

      1. Karolanne…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetie!!! The best present ever. So happy to hear that Dannick is home safe. So happy this was a happy ending. Congratulations!!!


      1. Montreal SPCA OUI! C EST VRAI!!!! DANNICK EST CAPTURE!! IL VA BIEN!!!!! Plus dinfo a suivre!

      2. Author

        I added a message from Karolanne, he seems okay, a little beat up but what a survivor!!

        1. So happy for the family and Dannik.
          Thanks Petluck!

        2. A Survivor to say the least 🙂
          Thanks going out to all who helped make Dannick’s return home possible 🙂
          And MANY thanks going out to the Montreal SPCA.
          Petluck…THANK YOU again for keeping us up to date.Once again…..you ARE A STAR for volunteering your time to causes like this 🙂 Hats off to you kind stranger 😉

          1. Ditto Caroline 🙂

          2. Author

            Thanks again Caroline, it’s really nice to see that people care!

  2. Praying for Dannick in this HORRIBLE weather 🙁
    Nobody has any news?

    1. This is wrong, no one giving an update, we care enough to ask.. what’s wrong with people?

      1. Author

        Sorry, but there’s no information to give, and a lot of upset about the whole affair, causing information to be shut off. I promise if he’s found I’ll let people know as soon as I’m able. (ps. I’m also taking care of family right now, so please be patient, as Petluck is a voluntary effort)

        1. I can’t give you enough thanks for what you do here Petluck…..You ARE a star 😉
          I hope your family is well and its just the regular…..Dog’s got skunked or kids made mud burgers in the kitchen while dad was busy kinda thing 🙂

          1. Author

            Thanks Caroline, and me too, I’ve not stopped thinking about Dannik, and worrying.

      2. Its gotten bad 🙁 People have been calling the owner of the dog to yell obscenities 🙁 Threatening and blaming the owner.SO VERY NOT COOL! Last I herd people were STILL showing up at the end of the island so it causing troubles.The Montreal SPCA is supposed to be there on a daily basis helping 🙂 At least a little bit of comfort there.It has been forever that Dannick is out there but people just don’t get that he WONT come close if there is a constant coming and going of people.

        I never thought I could cry so much for a animal that isn’t even mine 🙁
        Fingers are still crossed and still praying very hard…..

  3. Will do Jen! I was confused myself and that is why i decided to call the owner back myself.So many people saying so many different things :S
    Bottom line……………..CALL BEFORE GOING!! there are times when someone is needed and other times when she has someone already.

    1. Is there any news on Dannik?? Has he been captured and is he ok?

  4. ok…I don’t get it. Please help us understand. first we are told to stay away that the SPCA is looking after things and now this is not the case??? This is getting unreal! I may not be getting the whole story here, but it seems to me if the owner will spend a couple of hours by herself without anyone else around and perhaps a gas heater to keep her warm and some food for Dannik, the dog may come to her. There are so many people praying for his capture and recovery and it is getting more and more heartbreaking to read that the case is not going in the right direction. I have been up to the spot myself a week ago but have stayed away this last week duie to the circumstances. Now I cannot make it up there to help, but am defiitely praying for his health and his capture. Please give any updates asap. Thanks.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Can’t the owner sit in her car, with the door open and a bowl of food on the seat? and how many cages are set?

      Poor dog and my heart goes out to Patricia and her daughter. Fingers crossed!

      1. Look at Google map for Nuns island.That place is SO BIG.Not doable to sit in the car and wait..the pooch stays in the woods(which are never ending) and on the frozen river when theres people close.

        1. I would sit, the same place where the food is and the trap that did not function. He knows food is there, if he smells his owner too that would encourage him to just go towards her. The key over here, owner must be alone to give him the trust he needs.

          1. Plus I would start leaving food for that dog. First, it’s a matter of life and death, if he’s scared from people or the trap cage, he won’t eat, and in this weather he needs it. Second he will stay at the same place where food is available, no risk of having him wondering all the neighbourhood. The dart can be used while he is eating.

            1. Author

              Bob, food has been left, nobody should even think about leaving him food, it’s been asked that people stop. Apparently there already was other food sources left, that deterred him from eating that which was left in the live trap. On an earlier comment it’s mentioned that tranquilizers were given in his food too. If that was today then perhaps he’ll be caught soon.

              1. ok, then someone must be there 24hrs. cannot give tranquilizers and leave the dog wondering the streets or worse the river, it’s too dangerous.
                I am reliving the sad story of Tara, same examples with the people and the trap door that do not function.
                Praying Dannik will have a good start on life, very soon.

        2. The Nun’s Island look small on a map, but believe me, it’s big and lots or hidding place, especially in the wood…Hard to find a dog who doesn’t want to be found..Even a human…

  5. Découragement encore 🙁 Jviens de appeler Patricia pour savoir exactement cest quoi les besoin…elle ma dit qu hier ne lui a pas plu du tout.Sa fille et elle même ont été terrorisé de voir qu les choses avançait pas et les gens crient aprè…s Dannick quand it etait sur la glace 🙁 Jlui ai demander ci elle avait besoin de gens avec elle ou selon elle tout étai sur control pour le moment mait tantot elle aurait besoin de gens…Je lui a demander a PLUSIEURS repris pour etre SUR de donner des info corrects.elle ma dit Dannick a rentré dans la cage hier soir pour de la nourriture mais la cris de port(excuse mes mots svp) na pas fermé derrière lui 🙁 Elle ma dit qu OUI ELLE A BESOIN de gens car ils ont mis des tranquillisant dans la nourriture et il faut avoir quel qun EN TOUT TEMPS pour vérifier quand il vas manger.Ca vas prendre environ 2 heures pour quil s endorme un coup avoir mangé.Donc IL FAUT avoir quel qun en tout temps.Elle demand QUON LAPELLE AVANT DE CE PRÉSENTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elle veut SURTOUT PAS un réplique de hier quelle ma dit et Dannick et toujours sur la glace 🙁 mais il vas revenir eventuellment pour manger selon Patricia….Bien sur si ya PAS plein de gens la bas…Je donne donc le numéro de téléphone a Patricia (AVEC SON ACCORD) SVP appelle la avant de partir pour pouvoir remplir les temps ou ya pas personne et pas avoir trop de monde a même temps…


    Complete discouragement!!! I have just called Patricia(The owner) to find out exactly where everything stands and if she needs help.She told me that yesterdays attempt to rescue Dannick left herself and daughter heartbroken and terrorized …:( There was enormous amounts of time wasted and people yelling at Dannick when he ran onto the frozen river.I asked her if people were still needed to help with Dannicks rescue or did she have everything she needed? I asked her at THREE different times to make sure the info I pass on was CORRECT.She told me that Dannick did go into the cage filled with food last night but the Fu—– (excuse my bad words please)door didn’t close behind him.She told she SHE NEEDS more people to help because they have now put tranquilizers in his food and it will take approximately 2 hours once he has eaten to fall asleep.SHE NEEDS someone to be there watching the cage at ALL TIMES to see when he comes back to eat.Patricia has asked that anyone wanting to help take watch MUST call her first before going to the site.She DOES NOT want another day like yesterday…Dannick is still hiding on the frozen river but Patricia is sure he will come back to the cage for food if there are no people around. She has given permission to poste her phone number and it is VERY IMPORTANT TO CALL FIRST…there are times of the day/evening/night when there is no one to be a look out so find out when your needed first please…Remember people…too many people = death for Dannick 🙁

    The story continues 🙁
    When will it end 🙁

  6. Found another post that was added 20 min ago on SPCA Montreal FB page…..Pasted below

    Montreal SPCA Nous remercions tout le monde de leur intérêt et volonté d’aider. Cependant, svp n’approchez pas Dannik (nous ne pouvons pas avoir plus de 2 personnes a la fois sur les lieux) vue que cela l’effraye et nui a les efforts de rescousse. La SPCA fait tout son possible pour retourner Dannik chez lui.


    Montreal SPCA: We thank everyone for there interest and willingness to help however,Please do try to get close to Dannick (we cannot have more than 2 people at a time in the area) seeing as this scares and causes complications in trying to rescue him.The SPCA is dooing everything in its power to reunite Dannick with his owner……

    Now……………If I can stop crying long enough I will call back Patricia(Dannicks owner) to see what there doing next.

    The story unfortunately continues 🙁

  7. Can you please translate last update. Has he been caught and is he ok?

  8. Sorry bout that :S

    Last news update they tried to shoot Dannick with a tranquilizer shot but missed and he took off under a tree 🙁

    He now has a hurt paw(or frozen) They say he is not dead but is so not doing well 🙁
    The person went on to say that its a pity all this is due to a idiot who miss treated Dannick.
    ALL THE MORE REASON to denounce cruelty to animals……..

    1. what will they do now? this poor dog does not have much time left, Its heartbreaking. I am praying for his capture and recovery!

    2. it must be easier to catch him now, weak and hurt.
      He cannot stay out there tonight, he must not stay there.
      The owner MUST do something drastic, Dannik needs immediate help or else will die.
      Owner must go alone and try when there is no one around, he will come to her, he’s hungry, he wants her love and he’ll react positively.

    3. Thank you.

      What a shame, was wondering why he was so skittish. Poor guy, probably thought he was going to get into “trouble”.

    4. Correction…

      Tranq gun froze, was not a miss. We were 20 ft from him. A tranq dart and gun are not very performing in sub zero temp like today unfortunately. He was under a tree at that time. He fled, unharmed and uninjured after the second shot as a lady was approaching with her dog. This is why we have asked the public, although all their efforts much appreciated, that the rescue efforts now be left in the hands of the professional. There has been a team of canine capture professionals put together along with the dogs owner and in conjunction with the Montreal S.P.C.A. Time is now becoming a huge factor if this dog is to survive. Another attempt will be executed in hopes to capture him once and for all. We ask residents to abstain from feeding the dog as this is deterring him from a humane live trap that has been set for him. We need to leave him no option but to concede and take the only bait out there for him. If you see this trap we ask that you stay clear of it so as to preserve sent. There is a person responsible for checking this trap and for releasing any unwanted intruders. We would also ask that you not attempt to approach him as he is not trusting at this point and all the attempts and failures to try to catch him are reassuring his instinct to flee. The good intent to try to lure him with other dogs has also been a failure as he is frightened, cold and hungry. All he has on his mind is survival. As he is not part of a “pack”, any other dog presence at this point would be a threat to him and once again cause him to flee, even a female in heat… Mating at this point would be the last thing on his mind. Instinctively he may think an Alpha male is in range and as he is weakened, he could be threatened.

      Any new developments on this case will be forwarded on as soon as we have them.

      Once again, thank you all for all the support, concern, help and efforts which have been put forth and are all volunteered probono. Hats off to the dog lovers of the greater Montreal Region!!

      Respect too all,


      1. Author

        Ah, thanks for the precision and the added information. Guylaine I really hope that people will respectfully follow these directives, as it is truly is his only chance of survival!

      2. People.. Please read carefully!!!!

        I was on scene yesterday with the SPCA and the shooter.

        The dog is not injured
        The dog is still in relatively good health
        The dog sleeps to conserve energy and heat!!!!!
        If you are not a dog EXPERT or or in the dog catching business, you should probably refrain from giving unfounded illogical ideas, especially if you do not know what is going on.
        I believe that now, not only is the dog confused, but its owner as well.
        I CONFIRM to you that YES the SPCA is on the case, they contacted me from the site this morning…….
        Not everyone at the SPCA is up to date or necessarily knows EXACTLY what the people on this case are doing every second of every day

        Again, they are doing what they do for a living…. lets let them do it please!!!

        Patricia, Daniel gave you his card yesterday…. I’m certain he has contacted you, but if not, you need to call him….. or call me please and I will explain what is happening.

        There is not tranq in the dogs food, not logical now is that as ANYTHING could get at it and well, do I really need to say more here.

        Again, there is a team, with the SPCA who is on the case I assure you. I am being kept in formed by the team leader.
        No I am not giving out names as I can just imagine the influx of calls…. not productive….

        Please people, please, just stop panicking. We are ALL out for the same result … get Dannik home safe. We need to step back please, please please.

        I do this daily for a living. I chase, track and recover lost dogs, Ferrel dogs, stray dogs….

        The dog will not come to the owner as the damage has been done. Especially if there are 100 onlookers and people with dogs hanging around. The best help you can offer is to stand back. If you see Dannik, simply let Patricia know where and when and let her do her thing for her dog. She has professionals backing her up.

        Again, respect and thanks to all people involved in the efforts.

        1. Thank you for the clear message. Please try to update as soon as you can, lack of or mis-information creates this situation too.
          Thanks again.

        2. ………. If there is Tranq in bait somewhere, it would have come from a vet… And someone would be supervising on the spot as there is huge legal implications to doing these types of things as it is very dangerous!! The vet providing already know this.

        3. The tranq being used was administered by the team, and there is constant surveillance of the bait…

          1. any update today?

    5. If he is so weak and has a hurt paw, why did the 20 plus people not just get around him while he was under the tree and keep him from running away while someone grab him.. this is unreal and so sad for the dog.

  9. My french isn’t a 100%-could you please translate it for me? Thanks

    and Dannick was a rescue?

  10. Copier du sur la page Québec Animaux sur FB

    DERNIERE NOUVELLE, la SPCA a essayé de lancer une fleche tranquillisante à DANNICK mais il s’est sauvé sous un arbre!!!!

    Il serait blessé à une pattes, il est pas mort, mais pas fort.

    IMAGINEZ, tout cela à cause d’un maudit tarla qui l’a mal…traité avant…Cela me dit qu’il faut continuer à DÉNONCER la maltraitance animale…et faire changer les maudites lois!

  11. De rien PetLuck 😉 Mais cet de FB la page SPCA MTL j lai pris pour poster ici 🙂

  12. Oui! Enfin la SPCA a eu l’autorisation de lancer la fléchette anesthésiante. Le tout se fera par un vétérinaire demain, lundi, entre 10h00 et midi. La SPCA demande l’aide d’environ une 15 de personne. Rien ne sert d’être trop. Encore une fois, trop d’humains pousseront Dannick a aller sur les glaces. Arriver vers 10h. Annie Cloutier sera sur les lieux vers 9h30 pour essayer de guider les gens. Pour la reconnaitre, elle a un manteau orange et blanc avec une tuque Raton-Laveur.

    Patricia a déjà 4 personnes qui l’accompagneront, Annie Cloutier sera là avec un collègue. Il nous manque donc environ une 10 de personnes.

    ATTENTION: AUCUNE nourriture ne doit être donné et/ou lancer à Dannick demain.

    AUSSI, pour ceux qui viendront, nous aurons besoin de couvertures pour couvrir Dannick et le transporter. Donc si vous avez des vielles couvertures, c’est le temps ou jamais pour leur donner un second usage.

    Voilà en gros les dernières informations.

    Croisons nos doigts pour que demain soit le jour J pour Dannick!!!

    1. Author

      Merci beaucoup pour l’information Caroline! Je vais passer le message sur fb aussi! Oui, doigts croisés!!

  13. Thank you for the updates and link.

    I shared it to facebook.

  14. I know this is “armchair quarterbacking” but has the owner just parked herself (just by herself) with a steak or hamburger meat or whatever near where he was last spotted?

    They need a professional trapper to get him!

    1. Author

      The owner has been there on her own I believe, and they’ve limited the amount of people, so as not to scare Dannik away again. SPCA are actively involved. Last I heard they are going to try and tranquilize him.

  15. Je pense que s’il a toujours accès à de la nourriture et de l’eau, il pourra combattre le froid et survivre.

  16. Bring some meat, he must be starving!

    and if this was already tried, sorry am just trying to help 🙂

    1. Author

      Hi Patricia, no need to apologize. Dannik is getting fed regularly,

    2. Voiçi les instructions reçu du groupe de secours pour Dannick:
      SVP ne PAS laisser aucune nourriture pour lui sur les lieux.
      C”est très très important.
      Sa maitresse a laissé une cage-trappe avec tout plein de bonnes choses à manger à l’intérieur. Le seul moyen qu’il entre dans la cage est qu’il ne trouve pas de nourriture ailleurs.
      Please do not let any food there for Dannick. There is a trap-cage full of food for him and the only way he will enter the cage is if he does’nt find any other food source. It is REALLY important.

      1. Author

        Thanks Emilie, there’s absolutely no suggestion here that anyone should leave any food for him.

        Do you know if there’s been any sightings of him lately?

        1. There was a sighting. And here is a message from the SPCA who is working closely with the owner:
          Montreal SPCA wrote: “The SPCA is actively working with Patricia and an another organization. More news to follow tomorrow. The SPCA is also in the process of figuring out how we, as an organization can be better prepared for future animals requiring similar rescue to Dannik.”

          1. Author

            Thanks Bob, I was so relieved to hear that there was a sighting today. I was so worried. Thanks again for the update. I can’t believe it’s been this long that he’s out there!

  17. Just an update on Dannik.
    Owner has not seen him so far today. No authority whatsoever, including SPCA, is moving to help that poor dog.
    It’s a shame.
    All owner needs is a boat to cross and pick up her dog. I know it’s easier said than done, but so far this is what I’ve read on Quebec Animaux.

    1. Another update:
      Montreal SPCA wrote: “The SPCA spent some time there with two patrollers and a SPCA dog. Unfortunately, with not much luck. However, we will not give up. Tomorrow, we are sending another patroller at 7:30AM – hopefully it will be nice and calm so Dannik will be around. Our patroller will come with another dog once again – as apparently Dannik enjoys playing with other dogs. In the meantime, if ANYONE spots Dannik before 7:30AM Saturday – please call the SPCA at 514-735-2711, ext 0.”

      1. Dannik approached his owner this afternoon, but the presence and joy of the people around scared him off again. I keep repeating, this is something the owner must do almost alone. Dog is scared and anyone, any sound or smell will scare him more and he will run off. I hope the owner will try and catch him tonight, when no one is around.

        1. Author

          That’s really unfortunate, I would have thought that people would know to keep quiet. I’m a bit confused about the location, as to how accessible it is. I guess the call for help was a little too successful. It’s one thing if he’s not found, but if his location is known then you’re right, it’s really his owner who needs to do be there on their own, or people who know how to respond. He needs to come home before the next temperature drop!

          Thanks for your updates Bob, they’re much appreciated!

  18. Je suis très triste pour votre chien. Une de mes amies s’est trouvée dans une situation semblable. Je crois qu’il faut faire les recherches de nuit quand tout est calme et c’est préférable qu’il entende des voix connues.
    Bonne chance!


  19. Message:
    Please see following message from Quebec Animaux, anyone who can help, please contact them urgently, Thanks!

    Québec Animaux à la recherche de DANNICK, ce bébé chien golden de 10 mois. Ayant été maltraité par les anciens propriétaires, Dannick est peureux et se sauve partout dans le quartier VERDUN. Il est dehors depuis le 18 janvier au soir! Nous formerons une équipe samedi apres midi pour tenter de le trouver et apposer des affiches. L’ani…mateur de CKOI Marc Labrosse nous aidera dans les démarches. VEUILLEZ nous dire si vous seriez intéressé à venir svp! MERCI

    1. Author

      Thanks Bob,

      I’ll relay via Facebook and I’m bumping Dannik to the top, I don’t know when the last actual sighting was but he needs to be found soon!

      1. Thanks!
        I asked the same question and was replied he was seen every night except for last night. Apparently he crossed to Verdun and is wondering the streets, don’t know where exactly but was told the owner knows where the sightings were.

        1. Author

          Thanks! I just updated, and he was last seen this afternoon. I hope he’s found before the temperature drops again.

  20. Hi, what happened to the dog that was on the ice? Was it Dannik? Thanks

    1. Author

      Hi Patricia, yes it was Dannik, but I don”t have updates just yet, thanks for asking.

  21. any news on Dannik? Just in case, I do hope the owner checked the SPCA, they sometimes will put a collar on them to walk them so don’t go by that info. They can still call with the tag info to rule the dog out.

    1. Bonjour Petluck, il semble que le chien est bien Dannick. Voiçi l’info que j’ai eu via Québec Animaux aujourd’hui lundi soir:

      C’est un golden de 10 mois répondant au nom de DANNICK, les pompiers ont essayé de l’attraper, mais en vain! Il se sauve, il a peur. Il fait -25 depuis 3 jours, le pauvre chien… on espère qu’il va passer la nuit. Sa maitresse est en pleurs …

      Elle vous attend au SUNWAY de l’ile des soeurs demain à MIDI pour de l’aide. (Il était écrit Sunway mais peut-être est-ce subway ?)

      Le chien se sauve tout le temps, il faut trouver une solution. Nous avons pensé lui acheter de la viande genre poulet cuit et l’attirer avec ça….

      Vous devez contacter la dame: 514-867-7358 si vous arriver à capturer le chien!!!!!!




      1. Unfortunately I can’t leave work to go and help, but may be if anyone who has a dog that can take with him to the search? Dannik may be reacting positively instead of seeing only humands running to catch him. He may be curious and approach the dog. Just a thought.
        Hope he’s found very soon!

        1. Author

          Thanks Bob, good ideas, I hope he’s found very soon too.

          1. Thanks. I wrote directly to the lady suggesting if Dannik is not caught today, she must go back with a group of 2 or 3 persons at the most who know the dog, later tonight when the dog is calmer. To take with her food, he must be hungry, and call him. If he recognizes her and the other in the group he may just run to greet her. Too many people must be scaring that pup and I would hate it if he spends another cold night alone.
            Take care of your dad and pray Dannik is caught very soon.

          2. What’s the latest? did you receive any news?

            1. Author

              Hi Bob, no news on my side, but it’s hard for me to do follow up at the moment, the computer I’m on is barely functional, still at my father”s.

              1. We’re all worried. Hope the owner will give some news ASAP.
                Take care.

                1. Author

                  I haven’t stopped thinking about them. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything. Thanks!

      2. Author

        Merci Emilie, Je pense à Dannik depuis que j’ai eu la nouvelle, j’aimerai l’aider avec tout mon coeur mais je suis présentement chez mon pere, qui n’aller pas bien. Je serai ravie si un equipe peux aller aider, je n’ai pas eu de nouvelles, mais je suis aussi un peu pris et n’étais pas capable de faire un suivi comme normalement. Est-ce que vous savez si quelqu’un a vu Dannik hier?

  22. This was on our facebook page this morning;

    IMPORTANT: There is a golden that the firemen are trying to catch since Friday I think..he is on the ice (water) near Ile des soeurs…may it be him???

    Sounds like your dog. Be sure to contact the fire deptartment

    1. Author

      Thanks! They’re aware and were out yesterday,

  23. We are in Westmount down near St. Henri … not in the neighbourhood, but you never know! We will keep our eyes open over here!

  24. Any news on your beloved Dannik?

  25. There is a golden running on the ice near Nun’ Island. The fire brigade are trying to catch him

    1. Author

      Oh dear, thanks for the tip! I’ve forwarded your message! Poor baby!

      I called and they’re on their way! Fingers crossed!

      1. I spoke to the owner to let her know, as a friend of mine had spotted him but the firemen have lost track of him. The firemen and owner are going back out tomorrow morning starting at 7am. I’m worried about him getting through the night. Let’s hope he makes it.

        1. Hope he stays in the area. It is too cold, but I think owner should have stayed behind a bit after all the people looking for him have left the area. He may come back in a while.

        2. Author

          Oh no! Thanks for the update, when I had called they’d already left, so thanks for letting them know Susan. I really hope that someone will find him, and that they’ll know what to do. I’m really worried too.

  26. Has the dog been found? If not, what is the cross street where he went missing. I live on Moffat not far from Godin and will keep an eye out. Also, you may want to call the Lasalle Veterinary Hospital to see if he was brought there. Many times, lost animals are sent there. 514-365-6880. If he wandered into Lasalle, he may end up there.

    1. Author

      Hi Susan, To the best of my knowledge Dannik is still missing. Thanks for the tip, and to keep an eye out. I did advise to check at Lasalle Hospital too! I’m hoping for some good news soon!

  27. That one is wearing a thin pink collar and has white around the snout. Still worth a look though. Best of luck! I shared on my FB page.

    1. Author

      Hi Annie, I saw the collar too, and does look more mature. Thanks so much for sharing!

  28. Just saw a light pale colured golden on the lost and found site at the spca site! Maybe this is a match..hope so!

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