1. My heart broke to read this sad news about this poor defenseless animal, I too apologize to him and I am sorry that the community let him down. I can only imagine his suffering . Some of us are not fit to have the privilege to own and take care of an animal. To let this dog deteriorate to this point is unthinkable and unforgving.

    I will cry for him and for the others that we have tormented and I hope society and government one day will come to change the laws and severely punish anyone who hurts and harms any animal and this day cannot come soon enough.

  2. Very sad news! RIP beautiful doggie, no more earthly pains for you. Run free now.

  3. Very, very sad news. May you rest in peace forever and ever brave little soul, and sorry this community let you down. One day, things will change. It’s a promise i make to you and all those silent and innocent victims. I’m sending you a hug as long as my life and please, help me from above, my beautiful boy.

  4. Author

    I’m so sorry, to all those who asked about him, he couldn’t be saved.

  5. It is so heatbreaking to see this dog in this condition. He has suffered so much and I pray to God that he is well taken care of and hopefully a loving family will adopt him. Please give us updates on him if possible

    1. Author

      Hi Athena, I agree! As soon as I get some updates I’ll share.

  6. any idea if it is for money matters… we could phone the phone number on the post

    1. Here is a message i just received regarding this dog, please get in touch directly with the Hospital and offer your help. I hope they do not euthanize him.
      Here is the message:
      Thanks Bob, he’s not with me anymore, Hopital St-Hyacinthe refuge took him and will assume all the vet cost for his legs (front and back) if they can do something, they might have to euthanasize him also, they just started to look at his legs and they are running test, will know more in a week or two. He is in the best hands right now, and he deserves it, he was such a good and gently boy, everyone loves him.

      1. Thank you Bob….so sad.I hope that they will save him

        1. Author

          Thanks for the information Bob, I hope he won’t be euthanized, please let me know if you have any more news. He’s so handsome too, what a sweet face.

  7. The lady who posted here, send me an e-mail telling me that the dog is in a refuge in St-Hyacinthe where he will seen by a vet,probably will have to be amputed…So sad

    1. Author

      That’s terrible to hear, do you know if it is necessary or due to lack of funds?

  8. no idea,, but it think either hit by a car or beaten at one time.. personally what ever happened was not taken care off and the leg set in the position.. then again maybe born that way but highly unlikely!! so sad,, I applaud who ever found hima nd took himt o the vet,, will cost quite a bit to fix him..

  9. Do you know why his legs are like that? Almost looks like Basset hound legs.

    1. Author

      I didn’t receive details but from what I later gathered it’s either a deformity or a badly healed break.

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