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4 Comments on "Ruger – stolen from Naramata, British Colombia and brought to Montreal!"

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Catherine Kerr
It is obvious that this dog has been stolen and the person who has him has the ethical and moral responsibility to own up to his mistake and return Ruger who is a member of their family, and the children are devastated. If this man does not want to come forward, have the decency to bring the dog to the Montreal SPCA or the Police Station and they will do the rest. Thank you – children should not be without their beloved Ruger any longer than necessary – it will be a very sad Christmas for this family if he… Read more »

Talk to a lawyer. It’s the best way to get your dog back.


peut être contacter cette avocate de Montréal très bonne;https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=ann-france%20golwater