1. Very glad that you found your TINKERBELL. Thanks for your call back.
    I would really hope that my cat POUPOU will be found like yours!
    Happy end is always kind!

  2. Hi, this is the owner of Tinkerbell. Thank you so much for any tips or sightings – in the end she was behind a drawer in my bureau! Hid for 2 days, didn’t make a sound, had me heartbroken.

    But I’m super happy now and spoiling her rotten, just because she was found!

    I read the posts on pet luck and will keep my eyes out for everyone else.

    Thanks again!

    Erin & Tinkerbell

    1. Author

      Aww, what a wicked kitty. Glad you found her. 🙂

  3. I saw a female cat looking as Tinkerbell on SPCA site (found and lost).
    I left a message on your voice box.
    I don’t want any reward. Just to inform you…
    It is very similar to your cat.
    I am looking too for my lost cat. Mine is a male (black).
    That’s why I have a look and caledl for information at SPCA,
    You should check on their site.

    Many thanks

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