1. I have met him in person, the SPCA did reply though and assured me the dog posted was indeed from November and was only very young, so not the right description, but they look is almost identical. I have Met Tony and his owner while at work when he would pick up my bosses dog and go for walks. Tony always appreciated his 2 pieces of chicken strips when he returned from his walk. Kachu is missing his friend and his extra walks now.

    1. Author

      Thanks, so sorry, I really hope he’ll be found soon. It’s really important for the owner to visit Berger Blanc often and in person, as well as SPCA. Fingers crossed.

  2. My boss Lise mentioned Tony was lost so I am trying to help him find his way home. I found this posting on the Montreal SPCA and emailed the SPCA regarding it. Unfortunately it says this dog has been adopted, I do not know when it was originally posted, and if the time this dog was found co-ordinate with Tony’s lost date.


    1. Author

      Hi Michelle,

      I checked the ad and it gives an abandon date of November 2011, so I don’t know if it should read November 2010. It does say he’s in foster. Have you met Tony in person?

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