1. go see if her hard to tell on facebook chien chat perdu au quebec

  2. ID : 173666 arrivé 4-01-2012
    prener une chance et aller voir l’annonce au SPCA

  3. vous pouvez verifier au Berger Blanc de Laval. j’en ai vue un pareille a la premiere photos. Jy suis aller pour essayer de retrouver mon chats.

  4. verifie annonce sur kijiji.ca chihuahua trouvé.annonce#279399379.Ca pourrais etre le votre ???? pas de photo sur l’annonce de kijiji.ca

  5. I’m not sure if Hustler was found yet but there is a dog that looks exactly like him on the SPCA website. In the lost and found section at the bottom of the page where the found animals are kept by the people who found them.
    Good luck!

    1. Author

      Thanks very much Isa! Message has been sent and fingers are crossed!

    2. Author

      Shoot, just heard back that it’s not him, but they’re grateful for the tip and say thanks!

  6. Hustler may still be around same area where Chanel was found.
    Best owner takes Chanel and starts looking, this should help finding him faster.

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