1. Je suis tellement désolée pour toi… J’ai lu la triste nouvelle dans “Le Droit” avant-hier. J’ai pris l’initiative d’ajouter une annonce dans le site de Kijiji pour toi… j’ai remarqué qu’il n’y en avait pas à cet endroit. J’espère que ceci pourrait aider…

  2. I hope this shelter is taking their Responsibilty & Continuing working VERY Hard in trying to find this precious lil family member. It isn t over until this lil one is found. Besides that I hope they are taking the money that the owners paid to have their family member taken care of & put that to good use in the above way & the reward, if one has to be paid.

    Between running a shelter & raising funds by offering boarding is extra important to live up to doing it in the proper way.

    They being a shelter know more then the average person how IMPORTANT it is to keep them safe & HOW to do this.

  3. Yes, and the reward can be adjusted upwards depending on circumstances. It was -15 deg C in Aylmer when the kennel left Fisa outside in the run for over 20 minutes.

    1. Author

      Thanks for the precision Mathieu, I’m so sorry that this happened and hope that you find Fisa really soon.

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