1. Maybe I see her at my place: Bellechasse/Christophe-Colomb. Small dark gray cat, long hair, white spot on chest. She keeps coming since last week.

    1. I will come over and look for her tomorrow. Thank you for the information

      1. You can call me 514-495-8117
        Thé poor thing slept here again in a box on the balcony. She’ll be here again tonight.

        1. Of you see that cat again is she missing the tip of her left ear? You can’t tell from that photo but Love is missing the tip of her left ear.

  2. Appelez moi au 4388873450 ou texte j’ai des photos mais je ne suis pas sûre que ce soit la même mais je l’ai trouvée le 24 dans Villeray et elle lui ressemble.

    1. Un autre pareil perdu près de delormier avec une médaille et micropuce regarde sur petluck Billy

    2. Sorry I wasn’t getting notices about this post.

        1. I did just today. Every time I looked for her post to subscribe I couldn’t get the link to work.

          1. Author

            can you email me what the problem was. If I know something isn’t working I can fix it. Sorry for the issue.

            1. Author

              Hi, did Love have a red collar by any chance?

              1. No a black collar and a white spot on her chest.

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