Patrick in the sun

For the past month I’ve been following the story of Patrick. I’m sure that a lot of you have heard about him. He’s a very personable young pitbull mix with soulful eyes, who was starved to the brink of death and then put in a trash bag and thrown down a garbage chute in a highrise housing unit in Newark, New Jersey. He was aptly named after the Saint, on who’s day he was found by a city worker, and his story has captured the hearts of over 96 000 facebook followers amongst others, who are following every milestone and cheering him on while he’s in the care of the Garden State Veterinary Specialists.

The first pictures are shocking, it’s hard to believe he survived, but he did! But what’s hit me the most is that each day new cases are posted on his page of dogs that have been starved or abused, but who haven’t gotten nearly the same amount of attention. In between those cases are the countless number of dogs who are posted in the hopes they’ll get some attention and be saved from death. It was suggested that an event be created where donations would be given to a local shelter in Patrick’s name, on the one month anniversary of his being saved. I say that’s a grand idea! Shelters need money, but also food, supplies and time. And hopefully people will be inspired to keep it going all year long, so that more animals can have their day in the sun.

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