1. Hi do you still have This cat? Her name is Camille. Please let her go outside. She’s is not lost, she just like to visit other houses. Please don’t let cats go intoned you’re house. There are mostly just entering but are not lost. If you let her go outside she will automatically come back home. We miss her. Thank you.

    1. Author

      Hi! I’ll pass on your message! When she comes back it would be a good idea to put a collar and tag and/or microchip to avoid the confusion 🙂

      1. She has a microchip and has lost at lest 20 necklaces…

      1. Hi, not yet. But was she released?

        1. Author

          Have you called the announcer?

          1. I communicated with them. We will talk soon. Sorry I am a little lost as who is answering. Thank you for your concern!

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