1. good news …………………………at least one life has been saved!!!

  2. Heartbreaking…I do not want to be judge but apart from so many dogs and cats been put up for adoption I am shocked to see how many of them are lost or left alone every single day . It is more appalling that no one claims them.!! The ones found are rare.
    We have been pleading with governments so long to protect these animals. Nothing has been done . They should also screen each person to have the PRIVIEGE to own the animal and make sure they are taken care of and not thrown away after a couple of years. It is very sad and discouraging

    1. Author

      Good news. I just got word that she was adopted! 🙂

      You’re right, I’m amazed by how many found aren’t claimed. Our laws are definitely in desperate need of changing, but I think the responsibility lies with the individual first. It is a privilege to have a pet, and it’s really sad that we need laws to enforce that.

  3. why would they euthanize this little kitten if nobody claims her?

    1. Author

      Hi Athena, it’s often the case that space is limited, sadly.

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