1. hi, thanks for calling me Isabelle, It’s been so long that I’m really not sure, I have called the spca and left a message, If i dont hear from them i will go there in person tomorrow..I will keep you informed

  1. hi have been reached by chris, he has not seen the cat in a week, i have asked him to contact me if he sees the cat again..im not sure if it can be tigger as its pretty far from where we live although it has been a year, i suppose anything is possible
    i am going to try to contact whatever vets in lachine i can find and see if perhaps someone might have taken him in

    1. Dora, i was wondering if you had contacted l’hopital vétérinaire Lasalle.

      See a very interesting post, posted last may here on petluck at http://petluck.ca/128. It says :

      ”I work at Hôpital Vétérinaire Lasalle where we are also the collection center for strays, surrendered, abandoned and unclaimed cats and dogs. If you receive an email of someone who has lost a cat or a dog in the Lasalle, Verdun or Lachine area, would you be kind enough to direct them to us as we may have their pets. They can contact me at 514-607-7711. When dogs are not claimed, they are transferred to non profit rescue organizations for adoption and unclaimed cats are put up for adoption on our petfinder webpage petfinder.com/shelters/QC51.html and others transferred to other non profit organizations.

      I will always keep looking for their little faces in the lost section of classifieds but that would really help if you could tell about our existence.

      I always look for lost pets hoping to find the owners of our homeless pets but I find that many people just don’t know where to look and end up giving up looking. We have unclaimed cats sterilized and declawed! I just can’t believe that nobody is coming for them! ‘!

  2. Hi,
    Any news?
    I e-mailed the owner too but no response.

    1. Author

      Hi Bob,
      I haven’t heard anything yet.
      I have to admit to a bit of disappointment and frustration regarding older postings. I have no way of knowing who’s decided to turn the page, and who is still looking, and especially if I can’t get in touch.
      Then again, some people use secondary emails and might not check them all the time. So who knows…

      1. hi sorry am just getting this message please call me 514 484-0336 thanks

    2. hi i am the owner of tigger, i have just received these messages today, i have been experiencing computer trouble so havent been very active online recently and had no idea that someone may know the whereabouts of my baby tigger, please whoever has info please call me and let me know where to go to look for him, i have never given up hope and have never stopped looking for him.
      thank you to everyone who has been participating in reaching me to notify me…im here please call me thanks again

  3. yes one more thing. Watch out for the Lachine municipality.
    Most of the times, neighbors call for their services. Then the municipality picks the strays, then, if not claimed, they kill them.

  4. If you keep feeding him, give him time, he’ll know he can trust you.
    You can try to put him a special insulated box too, to keep him warm, that’s if it is possible of course.
    Keep trying.

    1. I keep a dog house outside so my cats can stay warm if they get stranded. The food is inside. I thought the cat looked OK until yesterday when I saw the eye. I will keep on filling the bowl and maybe I’ll get lucky. I will NOT call the city – I know what happens there! I sure hope he is Tigger!

      1. Author

        HI Cris,

        Thanks for checking to see if he’s on the site! I hope it’s Tigger too, and that he’ll get some help. His eye is probably hurt from fighting, and it could get really bad if not seen to!

      2. please call me. 514 484-0336 sorry im only getting this now…thanks

  5. Hi,

    I noticed a stray in the Spring of 2009. He is black and brown striped but is not nearly as large as a Main Coon. He doesn’t have a ruff and has short hair, like in the picture. He does not appear to be neutered but it’s hard to tell. He is still around and I noticed today that the poor guy has a really bad eye infection! I am in Lachine too!
    Email me if you think this fits Tigger’s description

    1. Hi,

      Just read the message and sent an e-mail to the owner of Tigger.
      In case it is the same cat or not, are you able to take him to a vet?
      The poor thing may need immediate help.

      1. I left food out for him yesterday but the food is still there. He is very skittish and won’t let me anywhere near him – the only way I had a good look at him yesterday was because I looked over a fence and he was there – I surprised him. I would be happy to get him to a vet a.s.a.p. but i don’t know how to catch him!

      2. Author

        Thanks so much for that. much appreciated!

      3. Any news for Tigger`s owners? I haven’t seen the cat since but I will keep looking out for him…

        1. Author

          HI Cris,

          I sent an email to her this morning, but haven’t had news yet. I hope the cat’s ok.

        2. hi chris, please get in touch with me re tigger 514 484 0336
          thank you

          1. Author

            Please let me know if you’ve managed to reach each other, and if the cat has been around.


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