1. Hi!
    Did you ever find your cat? I ask only because we recently found a similar cat in our back yard in Brossard. We don’t normally take in stray cats, but this one was unbelievably affectionate (she purrs on contact), and, fully declawed, so she (we had the sex confirmed by a vet) would be rather helpless if left outside on her own. We did put up posters around the neighbourhood, but have not yet received any calls. It’s hard to be sure based on your photo if this is the same cat, and that we found it in Brossard makes it less likely (we’re several kilometers away from Old Longueuil), but it’s worth asking nonetheless. We can be reached at jacquesdav[at] hotmail[dot] com, or, if you check your recent telephone callers list, at the phone number that called, but did not leave a message around 12h10, September 25.

    We must find a good home for this cat as we are unable to keep it with us much longer.


    1. So what’s happen??? Is he match?

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