1. Any news on Vega? Did any leads turn up with the sighting on the other side of Dorval Ave?
    I still keep checking whenever we are driving around Dorval …

  2. still looking for our Vega- so strange no signs at all, anyone who has any information please keep us posted….we miss u buddy xox

    1. Hello Kim can you pls look at the pic I have this cat at my neighbours. If it is I certainly want to get him back to you…

  3. I have another coworker who lives in your old area and will send her this link so she can keep an eye on that side. I keep checking around Dorval for Vega too.

    1. thank you again….my heart is broken, i will keep hope, some people just on the other side of Dorval avenue claim they are certain they saw him…..keep you posted.

  4. The nice gentleman you spoke to yesterday is my boyfriend. He’s out of town for few days and he put me in charge of this research.I just saw our neighbour. I spent almost 15 minutes looking for a little scar on the cat’s ears and I haven’t seen anything. And on top of this, it’s a female… I’m deeply sorry. We were truly wishing that it was your Vega. Hopefully, Vega will make is way home. We wish you all the best

    1. i knew in my heart it was wishful thinking- i really appreciate you replying so quickly- thank you so much for the effort. we do miss our Vega, hes a smart little bugger, just hoping that he will turn up at his old stomping grounds, the S.P.C.A said cats are known to do that and have been found up to 100km away. Always have hope…….Kim & Henry

      1. Author

        Where are his old stomping grounds, it would be good to know? And how long since the move?

        1. saint genevieve bottom of st charles road on gouin, its been almost 4 weeks now since hes been missing, anyone in the area can keep their eyes peeled would be so much appreciated

  5. I just spoke with a nice gentleman regarding a cat found in Hocelega, I know its wishful thinking that maybe he was picked up n Dorval, and brought there and escaped being a outdoor cat…I hope its him, but I know in my heart its most likely not,,,,,waiting for him to speak to the neighbour who is looking after the cat, We hope our wish comes true we miss him so much………………..

    1. Author

      Hi Kim,

      Fingers crossed, it’s possible, and I’ve had cats found very far from home, likely for that exact reason. I really hope it is Vega, but if not, please let him know I can post him here!

  6. still missing our Vega- its almost like he vanished into thin air, we are offering a reward to anyone who brings him home to us……we are so sad . Please advise to any tips or sightings, all eyes and hears are helpful.

  7. I know i really thought that cat was my Vega, but unfortunately for us he is not- very close but there are some differences a mommy only would know =) We have posted posters everywhere we can think, store,s bus booths, phone booths apartment/condo buildings mailboxes etc… have had a couple of calls saying that they are almost positive they had seen him, one woman even said that he was limping but when she went to pick him up, he ran off….Oh we are so worried, but the SPCA warned us that there may be a possibility that he may show up at our old apartment in a few more weeks, that cats have been known to travel some distances up to 100km to find their way home, so we have notified our neighbors from our old neighbothood to call us if ever he shows up….all eyes and ears are so much appreciated, let us know if you have any leads or tips…………….thanks to everyone who has been so helpful and careing…………kim And Henry

  8. I will thank you so much, its killing me i miss him terribly, all your added help is so much appreciated, i live in a town house and have asked all the neighbors to look out for him, unfortunately i have to go out every second day and repost his pictures they get taken down or ripped off with the wind soooo frustrating.nthanks again for everything……kim and Henry

    1. Author

      If you think someone took him in, often a flyer campaign will work, even if they haven’t seen him, they will remember if they do. You could do it through Canada Post, or on your own time, (time consuming but cheaper!) If there are highrises, then perhaps posters in the lobby will help.

  9. Go to Liesse Animal Clinic in Dorval on Cote de Liesse and ask to post a flyer there too. They are a very busy clinic and have many local customers.


  10. I also showed your post to my coworker who lives on Westwood (north side) near the airport. Both of us regularly travel to the south side to get to the shopping centre. I’ll also show my teen daughter his pic tonight so we can get a few more eyes open – and her boyfriend lives on the south side near Fenelon. If you are in an appt then maybe you should also knock on some doors and show his picture to your neighbours.

  11. Please advise where in Dorval. I live on the north side near Surrey. I will keep my eye out for Vega.

    1. thank you so much, we are just devastated he has always come home-we are new to the area and took all the precautions to avoid this from happening, we are convinced someone took him in and he is unable to get out maybe an apartment on a higher floo, or crossed the Hiway to the North side.
      he is in the dorval area off hiway 20 near of Pierre Elliot Trudeau airport , Dorval Circle South side of the hwy 20 west of the Circle near Pine Beach and Fenelon. all eyes and ears are so much appreciated,

      1. Hello again, although its been a few months now we still have hope. Being an outdoor cat I still believe in my heart hes out there somewhere, we have recently moved accross country, but my mom has agreed to take him in if found and then ship him back to us….We miss him still so much everyday, the wound is still so fresh, still hoping and praying he is found before the winter comes….We have his daughter Venus and everytime we look at him we see our Vega, so hard to stop missing him, I will keep hoping, if anyone has any information, please call my mom Mary at 514-602-7873, thank you to everyone who cared enough to look for us. we miss and love you very much buddy…..please come home.

        1. Author

          There you are! We tried to reach you. Did you finally look at the other cat found?

          http://petluck.ca/14935 (Never mind the location, it happens!)

          So sorry that you haven’t found him yet. Is anyone able to survey your old place a bit in case he shows up?

        2. I do hope you find him and I will have to put the Vega look a like for adoption. It has been more than a month now that my neighbour has been fostering him and he now needs a home. I have 2 other cats for adoption. I hope you find your cat soon and I hope I find homes for the cat and kitten I have, along with the Vega look a like.

          1. I did check into it, unfortunately its not him….its been 5 months to the day, I dont know why, but we still have hope….we miss u everyday buddy. Please contact my Mother Mary if found by text or call- 514-602-7873

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