1. Au SARS; service animalier de Rive Sud à Boucherville. Dépêchez-vous d’aller voir et bonnes retrouvailles, si c’est lui. Il lui ressemble vraiment.

  2. Quelle beaute semblable au miens pas revenue a la maison depuis 10 jours. Bonne chance.

  3. Il y a un chat très semblable sur le site du berger blanc.
    Numero de dossier : EF-29433

    1. Unfortunately it wasnt Charles but BIG Thanks Deirdre Allan !

      Wee keep looking for him! We still have hope !!

  4. ps. just to make you feel hopeful: My cat was lost for FOUR months! & this blog helped me find her again:)

    1. Thanks you very much for your message, its very kind of you! We’re still looking for him harder than ever!! We’ll post 100 more poster in people mailboxes around the neigbourhood! Thanks alot !

  5. Hi, just wanted to let you know of a cat that I’ve been seeing recently in NDG. It looks similar to yours but I don’t want to get your hopes up as a lot of tabby cats look similar. The one I saw was at the corner of sherbrooke and decarie boulevard in NDG. It had long hair and a dark fluffy tail. It seemed to be Ok and was eating bird feed on the ground, not injured or anything. I’ll keep an eye out & I’ll try to get a pic!
    Much luck to you in finding your Charles!

    1. Thank you Ashley! I look everyday at this post! A picture would be awesome !!!!

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