1. I saw an older gentleman walking 2 dogs, similar to these, in Lachine (Bord du Lac) near the Saints Anges church. Could not stop to ask him, asked someone I know in Lachine and that person had seen him in the area a couple of times before. May be worth investigating?

    1. Thank you so much Bob for the news, I will keep a look out for him for now on but, please Bob next time you see him can please stop him and ask him about the dogs? It would be very appreciated and thank you so much.

  2. Non ce n’est pas mon chien. Quand j’avais appele ils ont comfirme qu’il n’etait pas le mien mais, merci beaucoup pour votre aide.

  3. Where these 2 found or not yet? hope they’re still together, it would be very hard for anyone not noticing them.

    1. No unfortunately they were not found yet. I hope too that they are still together, since they are brother and sister. It’s exactly what I thought too that it wouldn’t be hard to notice them but maybe someone had took them already. I just hope that if someone actually as them that they will give them back to me or to the spca. Well thank you for your concern.

  4. jai vue un chien comme le votre sur le site spca montreal sur chien errant aller voir bonne chance

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