1. fantastic news!!!

  2. any more news ? Has she been adopted?

    1. Author

      Hi Athena,

      She has been adopted, and is just starting life in her new family! She’s one of the lucky ones!

  3. Canada is so far behind when it comes to animals and animal creulty it is astounding! In the states, they would be pounding the streets to find the pick up and put the abuser behind bars and not just for 6 months. Until Canada can recognize the need for better cruelty laws we will continue to see such horrible acts of cruelty. Its heartbreaking!!!!!God bless the woman who resuced this beautiful dog and may she find a forever and loving home.

  4. J’espère que l’on va retrouver la ou les personnes qui ont fait preuve de tant de cruauté. Je me croise les doigts pour que ces personnes n’aient plus jamais d’animaux. Avec si peu de scrupules ,elles ne doivent pas avoir plus d’amour pour les êtres humains. C’est inquiétant.

  5. thank you so much !! at least she is safe please keep us informed

    1. Author

      Hi Athena, I’ll do my best to keep you up to date!

  6. any updates???

    1. Author

      HI Athena,

      I just updated the post, I have news on her condition, but not on the case itself. She’s lucky to have been saved, poor girl

      1. Thank you for the update and the picture.
        Hopefully she will have a good life.

        1. Author

          You’re welcome! She seems to have a sweet disposition, and I think she’ll be adopted by someone who deserves her!

  7. sick!!! I am speechless on this travesty !!!

  8. Welcome to the beautiful province of Quebec! Where shit like this happens daily and nothing is said or done about it 🙁 The more people I meet…..The more I LOVE my animals!

  9. Any updates on that dog? is she ok & safe and taken care of?

    1. Author

      Hi Bob, I’ve updated the post, she’s in good hands now, but no word on where she came from.

  10. J’espère que ses maitres iront bruler en enfer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Atroce!J’espère qu’on va retrouver ce”bâtard”. dans quelle société vivons nous?

    1. Inconcevable. Société du jetable, l’empathie et le coeur sont absents. Merci à celle qui l’a receuillie, j’aurais fait pareil.

  12. A horrible person like this should be punished. There must be laws against such cruel actions.
    That poor dog should and must not be returned to these people. She deserves a better life.

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