1. nothing still…we keep hoping she’ll turn up somewhere.

    1. Author

      So sorry she hasn’t turned up yet. Don’t give up!

  2. I hope someone has seen her after 23 days!

  3. No sightings that we know of. She is used to the outdoors but as she is an older dog, she mostly sleeps all day indoor. We’ve posted her everywhere, called every municipalities surrounding us but it’s rural Quebec over here…acres and acres of fields to play in. Hopefully someone will find her and bring her back to us.

    1. I see.
      So keep posting everywhere for her, the net, flyers etc…even local municipality newspapers and vets.

  4. nothing yet…we’re not giving up, still hoping she will come home.

    1. Are there any sightings of her? Is she used to outdoors? you best cover all surrounding cities etc…dogs do travel far.
      Good luck! Hope you find her very soon.

  5. Any luck so far?

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