1. I once had a Lhasa and a Tibetan Terrier so I know what wonderful dogs they are. I can understand how very much your family must miss Otis. I promise I will keep my eyes peeled for him. You never know when he may show up on Kijiji or the SPCA or an animal rescue group. In the meantime, I pray your family begins to heal and move on. Perhaps think of adopting another dog. There are so many that need a loving forever home and family. God Bless you and your family and, again, I will keep looking out for Otis and contact you if I ever see him. I would recognize him. From a friend who understands and cares.

  2. It has almost been a year since Otis was taken away… still no news, we try to keep looking, but i don’t know if i should just let it go, and move on… it is so hard emotionally! It feels like our family has been cheated out of a precious member!

  3. Our family still has no news about Otis, we fear someone drove off with him and decided to keep him. We are still looking, and our terribly sad, we just wish we knew what happened to him, we miss him so much!

    1. Author

      Thanks for the update, I’m so sorry you haven’t found him. Keep up fresh ads at the vets, pet shops, dog parks and groomers. Make sure that people know you’re still looking. And keep your eyes on the pounds. And if someone does have him they should realize that there’s plenty of dogs for everyone, and there’s no need to keep someone else’s.

  4. SVP contacter et surtout aller voir à la fourrière de St-Hubert à tous les jours car ils euthanasient rapîdement!:

    La Société de Contrôle D’animaux Domestiques
    St-Hubert inc. (S.C.D.D.)
    9900 Chemin Chambly,
    Saint-Hubert, Québec
    J3Y 5K2
    Téléphone : 450-656-1007
    Numéro sans frais 1-800-708-1007
    Télécopieur : 450-656-4554
    Courriel : info[at] scdd[dot] qc[dot] ca

    Heures d’ouverture
    (fermé entre 12h et 13h)
    Lundi au vendredi : 9h à 18h
    Samedi : 9h à 15h
    Dimanche : fermé

    Il y a aussi le service animalier A.M.R. à St- Constant. Ils sont très gentils et recoivent également beaucoup d’animaux des villes de la rive-sud.


    lundi à mercredi 9h00-18h00

    jeudi et vendredi 9h00-21h00

    samedi 10h00-15h00


    47 St-Pierre

    St-Constant, Qc J5A 1B9




    A[dot] M[dot] R[dot] INC[at] HOTMAIL[dot] COM

    Bonne chance! J’espère sincèrement que vous le retrouverez!


    1. Nous continuons nos recherches, et visitons les fourrieres regulierement… malheureusement nous ne l’avons pas encore trouvé. Ca nous rend tellement triste! C’est decevant de savoir que quelqu’un risque de l’avoir garder, et nous cause de telle peine, ca nous brise le coeur 🙁

  5. ID 164147 Arrive 18/06/2011

    One is shown on Montreal SPCA…..most likely not since it wouldn t be close & of course so many white of that breed look alikes

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