1. Author

      Hi Emily, thanks, as always I will pass the message, but especially in the case of matches at BB it would be really appreciated if the messages were passed directly via the contact info. People don’t check their posts every day, and not everyone subscribes to their posts… I worry about the delay in the messages being received.


      1. Thanks. I’ll do it in the futur, but I’m surprised that people don’t subscribe to their own post! I don’t have any lost pet and I suscrbed to many posts!
        The mix on Berger Blanc web site is a male. But does it worth to say it, I’m not sure we should trust their infos…

        1. Author

          Unfortunately, often people don’t, either their still not aware, or aren’t clear how to subscribe. Toxon is male, and the black and tan is Mya who’s female. But you’re right it’s always best to double check the BB information, I’m sure that errors coud happen.

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