1. I am FrauFrau’s mommy, and am ecstatic to have her home!

    Apart from following ALL the advice of the websites, one of the recommendations was to put your dirty linen outside so that the cats may pick up the scent. I did this, but I also rubbed the pillow cases under my armpits for some time, and then shook them outdoors on a windy day. I cannot say that this is what brought her back, but I can say that I left litter and sheets outside for a week before that, to no result, and 2 days after wafting my sweat in the air she returned.

    Gross, certainly, but oh-so-worth it.

    1. Author

      Yes, a bit gross! 🙂 But a great idea and definitely worth trying!

      I’m so glad it worked and that you’ve found FrauFrau! She’s lucky to have such a dedicated mom!

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