Just a note to mention that I’ve added a few new links to some rescues that visitors might not be familiar with. They don’t have lost and found listings necessarily, although on occasion they might put up a courtesy listing, and they are good to know about as often people who find lost animals will contact them.


  1. Hi Again,

    I meant to add maybe link resoures to spay/neuter places in the city would be a good idea too. You’ve done a fabulous job with creating this site. Abolutely well done and much needed.

    Thanks again

    Ressources For Spay/Neuter Of Pets

    This organization will offer you a coupon to be presented to a vet of their choice for a reasonable rebate for vaccination and spay/neuter of your cat or dog

    This organization will help to cover the vet costs of many needs and spay/neuter of only cats, the only thing is the cat/cats in question must be strays or feral cats

    The above found on craigslist.

    1. Author

      Thanks again Sharon. I think I’ll add yet another category for related pet resources. Up to now I’ve kept the focus on reuniting the lost and found, but those are excellent organizations to know.

  2. Great site for the Montreal area..thank you so much for getting it up and running.

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