1. Author

      Hi Isabelle,

      I think that’s the same cat that Claudia had pointed out on petfinder, on the other comment. Does look like him though.

      1. I checked and you’re right…. That’s too bad… But at least, this other cat is in a foster home waiting to be adopted, and not in a cage.

  1. from kijiji , ad 25 set 09 #157866188
    A beautiful but skittish grey cat has taken to spending the nights sleeping on a sofa on my sheltered patio. It’s been hanging around for several weeks. The nights are getting colder, so I’m becoming becoming concerned that it finds its way home soon. We cannot keep it…Are you missing a beloved pet?

    1. Author

      Perhaps in this case, you could contact the one who found the cat, and send them the link to Bebe. They would know from the picture I’m sure!

  2. Hi, I’m the owner of Bebe. Thanks for all your comments. The cat on Petfinder unfortunately is not him. I’m continuing to check the SPCA site and others. Bebe has a white chin, with no other white patches on his nose… I will try to upload some better pictures to show this…


  3. HAs the owner checked with SPCA?

    1. Author

      I wouldn’t be able to tell you that. Sorry Bob.

  4. Hi,
    I remember seeing a posted picture of a similar cat on the SPCA website. I know most of them look alike but it’s worth it to check again.

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