1. Good news…………..How was he found? Imagine alon for 2 days on the streets of Montreal lucky he did not get hit by a car or taken by some sicko and mistreated. They are our chlidren defenseless. He is a beauiful dog

    1. Author

      I’m not entirely sure of the details, but I’m really happy he was found safe, pretty incredible!

  2. True, therefore all surrounding cities must be alerted too and BB and SPCA.
    Hope he’s found quickly.
    Remember our talk about a search team with search dogs. I wish there is one established already that could take over.
    What about: http://www.srsaq.org/dexter

    1. Author

      It’s okay he’s been found! Yay!!

      ps If I find sponsors, I’ll start training my cocker right away ! 🙂

      1. VERY GOOD NEWS!
        Please post when you have more details.

        I am training my 2 dogs they’re good finding food, toys etc…problem is they get distracted easily and they don’t like other dogs around them.

        1. Author

          My dog would be amazing if they were edible 😉 I don’t have a ton of details, except that he was found in Verdun!!

          1. A dog travelling 13 km in our city and not one soul wondering why that dog is running alone?
            It’s good he was found, and quickly.
            Thanks Petluck.

  3. Hope he’s found soon. If he may run off when being looked for by unfamiliar people it may become a problem and owner must be looking physically for it, day and night. An unfixed beautiful dog like that, action must be dtaken quickly before it’s picked up and taken to a bad environment.

    1. Author

      Thanks Bob. His owner is going all over the city putting up posters and looking. Winston could have roamed really far.

  4. Does this man (who is not from Montreal) had been told about the Berger Blanc ? To look there every day in every room … If he stays in Montreal to look for his dog, he should go there and at the Spca.

    1. Author

      HI Emilie, I did tell him about both, but any extra help he can get will be appreciated! Thanks!!

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