1. Still close to my heart and always in my thoughts Bailey Big Boy.
    What I call pure and unconditional love……..us humans should pay more attention.
    Love you Bud and I know Karen misses you as well.

    I know she has a heart buried deep somewhere in the recesses of her suppression 🙁

  2. Thank you so much for the condolences.

    I’m crying just typing this.God even when my dad past away I didn’t cry this much.

    I keep thinking about the ‘what if’s’ and I realize that I’m just beating myself up over it.

    Why is it that we all want what we don’t have and once we have it we don’t appreciate it.We take everything for granted in life and it’s times like these that show us how life works in mysterious ways.

    Fortunately time does heal,but the scar will forever be visible.

    Once again Karen and I appreciate all that you have done.


    Love Karen and Chris

    1. Author

      Once again I really am so sorry for your loss. I have to say he was fortunate to be so deeply loved, and for so long. I hope you’ll find peace soon, and know that you aren’t to blame.

      Take good care

  3. Bailey “Big Boy” Bernard was found,and laid to rest on our property this past Wednesday.I managed to find out that he was spotted on Friday July 29th @ 5pm already dead which means he died within 2-3 hours after vanishing.I assume he was hit by a car or truck and then disposed about 7 km from our cottage on a secluded dirt road.I know for a fact he didn’t get there on his own.We will always wonder about the facts surrounding his death and how he died,but at least we got him home.

    A piece of us has died this past Wednesday,but he will forever live in our hearts,thoughts and forever a part of our soul.I hope to see him again one day until then I will tattoo a portrait of him so we can be as close as possible until my demise.

    THx for all the help people.
    We really appreciate it.

    Love Chris & Karen

    1. Author

      I’m so very sorry Chris and Karen, my heart is broken for you. It’s a small comfort that you did get him home. RIP beautiful Bailey.

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