1. Wow – that’s great. I wonder how they found him?

  2. I think this Husky is back home…someone had found him !!

    1. Author

      Thanks Danielle, I’ve sent a note to inquire, it’s so hard to get updates at times!

      1. Author

        You’re right! He’s home, great news!

  3. Where did he go missing – add the details to your post? Check with your local town hall and see where strays are taken (pound), put up fliers in all major intersections around your neighborhood, food store, etc. and check all of the animal rescue groups. Although it is hard to look at the sad faces, please check the SPCA blog and Berger Blanc (links on this home page). Spread his picture on Facebook and beg people to share – I have seen quite a few animals recovered this way. Best of luck!

    1. Author

      Thanks Deirdre, I added the location, that was in the tags, to the post! I’ve shared him on facebook and invite anyone here visiting to do the same!

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