1. Glad you have the pup safe and sound. I would have done the same as you 🙂

  2. Great to hear that !! The person I spoke to seemed to really have no interest what’s so ever that it might have been his dog at the SPCA. So happy it’s in a good home now 🙂

  3. When I called the owner he was not to enthusiastic…I called him back the next day to see if he had checked the website and he told me that he still didn’t check but he said he would. I asked him to post even if it wasn’t the dog…but he never did 🙁

    1. then lets hope a good family adopts that pup and gives him the care, love and affection he needs.

    2. Have been watching this forum closely. This dog was found very soon after he was lost. He is in a good home now, but when he was found he was in bad shape with heart worm, intestinal worms, etc…. he had cuts, sores and OLD scars all over him (and if he was only 3 months old…. what happened to this dog to have so many old scars??? and FRESH wounds) He was in bad shape and mal-nourished. He had no i.d tag on him, not micro chipped and owner NEVER contacted the SPCA or Berger Blanc, and never put up flyers in Rivieres des prairies. The original owner does not deserve to have a dog. Please be re-assured, however, that the dog is happy & healthy now.

      1. Author

        Thank you very much for this information! Is there any way you can post a link to a photo of him, to be able to confirm?

        1. to be completely honest with you.. i am very afraid of having this dog taken away from me because I know he was reported lost and not returned, so i would prefer not posting a recent picture of him because he no longer looks like he did when i got him… when i got him…he was missing his whole first layer of hair..only had undercoat..the vet said because he was so mal-nourished. He was completely beige..with no markings. he is now beautiful with a thick fur and lost of markings…but would prefer not posting any images of him incase he is later recognized and anyone tried to seize him. thank you for your understanding. I will however, post a photo of when we found him … so this is what he looked like 1 day after we got him…


          He looks much better now, after medical care and lots of love!

          1. Author

            I really appreciate that you backed up your information. This is quite a dilemma, of course I post and hope that the people I post for successfully find their pets. I had passed your message to the owner and asked if they would like to respond. They said they’d had the dog only a day, but denied that he was in bad shape. They asked to speak to you directly, and when I said that I didn’t have your direct contact information, that you messaged on the site, they said thanks then, and never wrote back.

            I can’t tell you enough how I much I’m grateful that you let us know that he is safe and doing well!

            1. Well obviously they did not take a good look at the dog… the scars this poor puppy had were not fresh so could not have happened in the few hours he was on the street. PLUS he had worms and parasites… anyways, he is in GREAT shape now. a super intelligent boy and spends his days with lots of other dogs and goes for long walks everyday + camping, swimming in summer, comes snow shoeing and hiking with me in winter etc..
              Hopefully these people do not get another dog :/

              Thanks for your understanding when I admitted to not contacting the owner!

  4. I hope it is the pup………………sure looks like him

  5. Just called the owner. SPCA file # 172925 looks exactly the same as this dog !!!

    1. So was it the same dog?

  6. It is now november………………………….. have they found this pup yet?

    1. Author

      Though I haven’t received news lately, I really don’t think he was found unfortunately.

  7. did he have a collar? Any injuries? If yes be specific

  8. any news on the pup?

    1. Author

      I just heard back, no news yet, unfortunately.

  9. Was this puppy found?

    1. Author

      Hi Bob, I always update as soon I hear of anything, so as far as I know he wasn’t, unfortunately.

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