1. Okay to post him on FB .. but this needs to happen quickly because my friend is so stressed out over this and in tears!! If you get anything there please let me know ASAP! He is a nice boy but I think the other cats in the house are just too much for this little guy!

  2. Oh .. I should have added that he is using the litter box also so it’s likely the multi-cat situation in which he feels the need to mark his territory.

    1. Author

      Okay, I’m posting him to fb in case someone can help out, if that’s okay. It might just be the other cats causing the problem too.

  3. I know it is sad but I have no other choices open. He is not doing well in a multi cat environment. He hates other cats and is peeing everywhere. I tried all weekend to find someone without any other cats to take him but no luck. This is stressing my friend (his foster mom) completely and I cannot put her through more of this!!

    1. Author

      I understand, it’s not easy, but it could just be a problem with the litter. I went through it with one of mine. She’s not declawed, but it took me awhile to realize she just didn’t like the litter I’d switched to. And I know that very often declawed cats need soft litters.

  4. Unfortunately this little guy is peeing all over his foster home. I am guessing that he may have been thrown out of his home because of this issue. For a declawed fixed cat I was sure someone would be looking for him but have found no lost posts anywhere that match. I will be bringing him to the SPCA tonight.

    1. Author

      That’s unfortunate, it would be good to rule out any medical conditions, he might be sick, or because he’s declawed it could be the litter he has a problem with, a common issue with declawed cats. It’s sad that he’s going to the SPCA.

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