1. Svp vérifier l’annonce petluck que j’ai mis elle se nomme six chats abandonnés sur l’île Chardon
    Merci peut être que c’est votre Tilou

  2. Definitely, he’s the type to try and return home. He wasn’t an outdoor cat. But at my parent’s, thère was an other cat and i guess he have been afraid and the second my mom opened the door, he ran. The thing is that he never came back et no one seems to saw it. My mom is living on a big street, some are telling me he’ve been hit by a car. It makes me sad, because winter’s coming and being outside all the time without any warm, food and love will maybe kill him.

    Thanks for the support, I appreciate. God bless Petluck!

    1. Keep trying, posting. Walk the street at night, who knows he may be there still.

    2. Author

      If you do walk the streets, do it very late when it’s quiet. Speak softly as you go, he’ll be attracted by your voice. When people say that he was hit, are they just guessing, because it’s a busy street? I really hope you will find him. Also spread his used litter around the perimeter of your parents house. It’s the best technique to orient him back.

  3. Hi, actually, i’ve tried all the tricks, but Tilou is still missing. Almost one month now 🙁

    1. Author

      So sorry, there’s some in depth advice on catsinthebag.org, did you have a look? Is he the type to hide, or try and return home?

  4. Have you tried any of the tips mentioned on Petluck site? they should work.

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