1. After some struggles with a person to get her back he finally decided to return her. The police were called and showed up at the person place of work to let them know they were informed and to give the bird back but without proof of ownership could not just take the bird. They were gret though they took a cage and asked for it back and the owner got the number of the person.

    She was not far less then a block away found the next day but we could only get her back this morning. Once the posters were up and people knew about her being missing, things changed. A homeless man approached one of Eric’s friends that was putting up posters and this led to the whereabout of bird. The homeless guy was saying it was his. Nice huh. The posters were the ket in finding this bird so fast. Thank God it was not cold and that his friend was approached. So some frustrating moments and lack of sleep but she is back. I cannot stress how important it is to act immediately to get the info out and to have your friends help you as strangers will go and look for you pet to take it away. I was glad to help them and SOOOO Glad to be there to get her back.

  2. We heard her in the trees last night she answered to my whistle. We are trying again today. This guy is really missing little bird friend.

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