1. Bonjour communique avec moi j’ai tente de te rejoindre par tes numero de cell mais sans reponse alors je te laisse mon numero de cell

    il faut faire au plus vite car sinon elle ne sera plus a ma possession car mais parent veulent qu’elle partent au plus vite 514-266-5742

    sinon elle va etre donne a une autre personne pour sur sait peut etre la tienne moi je les appelle zoe

    1. Author

      No, nothing sadly, it’s thought that they still have Emma, but told police they lost her.

  2. I saw MANY posters placed next to mine (Charles) around Chomedey. I’ll go check right now if it a LOST or FOUND poster !

    1. Author

      Thanks so much Pierre-Luc, I had word that this little one has been claimed, but didn’t have a chance to update yet! Thanks again!

      1. effectivement c est notre chien elle s’apelle emma alors svp apeller au 514-475 8170 andree-anne ou 514-576 2210 fred

  3. Sure hope they find their dog – I called them yesterday because I saw one at Berger Blanc but it wasn’t him – then I saw this one today! Can’t tell if it’s a boy or a girl though but it has a round head like their dog. It’s thinner than Mini but he’s been lost for a while 🙁

  4. I called the owners of Mini, so they can take a look.

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