1. Il y a un chien au berger blanc en adoption arrivé en février 2012.

  2. I also emailed them Deirdre..you never know !!

  3. Bonjour, je suis la propriétaire de Mady , nous ne l’avons toujours pas retrouvés .
    Mais nous espérons toujours. <
    Vous pouvez me contacter via mon e-mail : emilie_perusse[at] hotmail[dot] com

    Merci !!!

    1. Author

      Bonjour Émilie, désolée que vous n’avez pas retrouvé Mady encore, merci pour le message, j’ai mis votre adresse sur le poste aussi! Courage.

  4. There’s a Blond Lab. at the berger blanc that was picked up No.EF 29715 she was found in Charlemagne (20-10) WAS IT MADY ?? I hope it was !! 🙂

  5. I sent them that picture of the dog last week and they went in to the SPCA in person but they said it wasn’t Mady:( Sure looks like Mady!

    1. She definitely looks like her. Is it may be because she reacted differently with owner? if so don’t forget she’s been out on her own for 21 days.

  6. Check the SPCA lost and found file # 170462…I think this is your dog. Good luck !!!!

    1. can someone call the owner?
      I can’t from office, that’s why.

  7. Aller voir sur le site de la SPCA dans la section des animaux trouvés. dossier: 170462 ARRIVÉ:10-10-2011
    Bonne chance!

  8. Reseau secour animal.org

    Chienne estimer à 2 ans 5 mois par contre, mais ressemble bcp…..

  9. Hope she’s found very soon. Posters and posts should be placed everywhere to find her.

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