1. Hi there, i have been having problems letting my cat leave my home in st.henri; it seems as though there is a woman coming around and feeding him. she lays out trays a good walk from my home, but my cat somehow manages to find them from over ten blocks away. i’d imagine this is causing others problems, so thats why i’m letting anyone missing a cat to know. hope you find your cat.

  2. Hi,

    I live in St. Henri and I have feeding a little cat just like this one for a few days now. I was thinking of keeping her. If she does not have a home I would be happy to give her a lovely one. Please contact me back.


    1. Author

      Hi Jennifer,

      I’ll pass on your message, but please feel free to email them directly and see if it’s the same cat! If she’s not claimed it would be great if you could take her in!

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