1. Ce n’est pas elle.. merci quand même!!

  1. So frustrating !!!

  2. Do you have an ad on Kijiji with her picture? Put it where she found Charlotte. If she found the first ad she may go back to the same site.

    1. Yes I put one already…

  3. Hi Elisabeth…did you ever think about hiring a computer expert to help find out who that email address belongs to. There are alot of people who do this for a living and could probably get you the info right away.

    1. No, but I searched on the Internet and they say it’s impossible to find out informations with only an hotmail adress… So I figured out it was impossible. And some people wrote to me because they were computer expert but they didn’t find anything…

  4. I agree with Bob…you need to contact the police. Something definately isn’t right here.

    1. You think the police will care? I don’t know if they would do something for a dog…

      1. I would try. who knows may be the polieman will be a pet lover too and give some advice. Seriously it’s better than guessing.

        1. Bob, just wanted to commend you on how hard you are trying to help this lady. It’s quite impressive considering how people today don’t want to get involved! I also tried some reverse look-ups to no avail. Family seems reluctant to get police involved, seems strange to me!

          1. Thanks. I just put myself in owner’s shoes, in case this happens to my dogs I would appreciate everyone’s help.
            I still believe the police must get involved and they could know exactly the location of that girl who has Charlotte now.
            May be Family is too busy to really follow up on this? I don’t know but Charlotte has to be found.
            The first girl, the one who gave Charlotte to this last girl, doesn’t she know where she is? she just gave Charlotte to the first person who knocked on her door without any question? She must know something.

            1. This person, (first girl): “Amelie Duclos; wrote in her ad on Kijiji :Elle est très spéciale donc nous lui cherchons une famille spéciale.” What bullshit that was!!!…as you said: she readily gave up Charlotte, not having any more info than a random e-mail…I personnally DON’T BUY IT!!!! I e-mailed this first girl, (before the e-mail address was known), and asked her for it? She just came back with WHO are you?….I never replied to her…’cause WHO AM I anyway?…I didn’t know what to say….

              1. I still think it’s up to the Family to investigate with Amelie Duclos, involve Police or SPCA or any other organism to find out the truth etc…
                We all are outsiders trying to help up to a certain point.
                In the meantime, there is a great risk that Charlotte may have ended in the wrong hands.

                1. I really appreciate your help but now I just think that I did everything I could. When I talked to Amelie, she really felt bad for me and we spoke for a long time. She was telling the truth. She just made a mistake in not asking the girl’s complete name or phone number. But anyways, what’s done is done and I don’t see the point in asking more of her because I think she already told me everything she knew. I really miss Charlotte and I still hope to see her again, but if not, what more can I do… I won’t get the police involded because… It’s possible that Julie has not checked her emails yet! And seriously, I don’t think that the police would do anything, they have much more important things to do… If the girl adopted a dog she thought was abandonned, I don’t think she’s a bad person.

                  And Amelie told me that Julie didn’t look like a person who would go very often on the Internet, so really… it’s possible. And after all the messages I sent her, she would be very cruel and mean not to answer at all. Personally, I know some people who won’t go on the Internet for months! So I will just be patient and trust…

                  1. Duly noted Elisabeth. Good luck to you!

  5. I have tried several attempts as well to do a reverse search. No luck….I do not think this is a real name..just a name used for email.

    1. Why don’t you just go to that place and claim your dog? She has a collar I see…a dogtag?

      1. What place?

        1. was the police notified? they should be able to trace the girl in no time and get you Charlotte back.

  6. Hi Elizabeth…maybe if you shared the email address we can help locate where she is. You don’t have to post it if you don’t want to but you can email it to me. I can see what I can do.

      1. I think it’s going to be difficult.
        Used reverse e mail finder and searched for junielounie[at] hotmail[dot] ca = nothing
        Searched for junielounie[at] hotmail[dot] com got Location: Redmond, WA
        Tried the white pages for Redmond, nothing.
        Found a couple of Louni families in Quebec, one of them in Brossard. Found Lounis family in Longueuil. did not call anyone because that should be the owner’s task.
        The girl who gave Charlotte to Junie lounie must give a few more details, is the girl Canadian, American,African, Middle East immigrant? any detail will and can help.
        It’s frustrating. Charlotte must be located, God willing she will be.

        1. Author

          I know, it’s not much to go on! Also, the girl’s first name is Julie. Thanks for all your help Bob!

        2. Thanks Bob!

          The email really is .ca Could you send me the Louni families you found? I would like to call them just to be sure…

          I will ask for more details about Julie to Amélie…

  7. We’re still waiting for the girl to answer us… We sent her an email since we don’t have her phone number and her complete name. Fingers crossed!!

    1. try your best to get her full name, the girl who gave Charlotte must know it. Also from the e-mail address you can find out if she has a facebook page. everything possible must be tried.

      1. She only knows her surname. I tried with the Facebook page but she doesn’t have one. We have to trust life now…

        1. I see. But with the surname & the city/location, with a little research, 411 lookup, and a few phone calls it should give some results.

    2. This is making me CRAZY just reading it! Bob is right….you need to do more than sit and wait for this person to answer you. What if she is deliberately not responding, what if she has read your e-mail and is choosing not to respond because she has no desire to return YOUR dog to you? Is there not a way that Internet Service Providers can supply info. on an e-mail address? (i.e. WHAT is her e-mail address, anyway??) I suppose it’s confidential! I feel so badly for you, you have no idea!!!!

  8. My pleasure – I’ll go take the posters down:)

  9. Wow! That’s a script for a Disney movie! Think positive – WHEN you get her back, give her a big hug from all of us – she’s adorable!

    Thank – you Petluck for showing her picture to everyone so there were a lot of people looking for her, unfortunately in the wrong spot but nevertheless your service rallied the troupes!

    1. Author

      Thanks Deirdre 🙂 and especially for all your efforts!

  10. Any news on her yet?I have been there almost everyday and I havent seen her, but the posters are everywhere and I always see people stop tp look at them.

    1. Nothing 🙁 I hope we’ll find her!

      1. She may be already further away from beaconsfield.
        I hope she’s found quickly.
        Can you arrange a search of the area again? may be with the help of volunteers?

        1. WE JUST FOUND HER BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! But it’s not over yet. I found this on kijiji :


          And I thought it really looked like Charlotte. So I called the girl and after we talked for a while I realized what had happened. There was a big misunderstanding. First, it seems that our friends had lost her in Longueuil, not Beaconsfield! After they lost her, they talked with a girl and explained the situation. They left her their cell phone number and left for Gaspésie.

          The same girl found Charlotte a couple days after that and tried to reach our friends, but there was never any answer, since they were in Gaspésie (no signal). She kept Charlotte for 3 weeks and after that she put this notice on Kijiji. Our friends didn’t even left her our phone number!!!

          I’m very angry at the moment because there was a huge misunderstanding and a lack of communications between the sitters and us. I just can’t wait to talk to them about what happened because we haven’t spoke to them at all since they lost Charlotte.

          Now the girl who kept Charlotte for 3 weeks gave the dog to another girl, who doesn’t have any phone number, only an email. I just can’t wait to see her again, to hold her in my arms!! I can’t believe that we’re so close to find her back. We just have to wait for the girl to go check her emails. I’m really stressed out. It’s a weird situation!

          I hope that the girl who’s got her will be willing to give her back to us. We miss her so much!

          Thank you everybody for your help!!! Your compassion was really appreciated during all this time and I hope that the good you did for me will be returned to you when you need it.


          1. Author

            Craziness!! Please let us all know how it all turns out, sending positive thoughts your way!

            1. What a story!
              Hope she’s returned to owner soon.
              Wondering about the dog that was seen between Surrey and the 20, hope he/she is safe too.

  11. Any luck? sightings?

    1. Author

      I haven’t heard any updates. I’m hoping she’s at least safe…

  12. Another place in Baie-D’Urfe to post a sign is at the dog park which is at Bertold park (intersection of Churchill and Lakeshore).
    I hope she gets home soon…

  13. Hi, Been to the woods today and the posters are everywhere, if she is there someone is going to see her. There have been many people there walking their dogs over the last few days. I have been a few times since i saw this post but havent seen her. Hang in there!

    1. Author

      Thanks for the update, and for keeping an eye out! It’s reassuring to know that the posters won’t be missed. There seems to have been a few sightings away from the park so I’m hoping she’s safe!

  14. I went looking for her today, no luck. I saw a poster at the vets in Beaconsfield. I put up posters in Ste. Anne de Bellevue, Baie D’Urfe, and Beaconsfield. Pet store in Beaconsfield knew she was missing and will put up a poster and I spoke to local security and they said they have a picture of her at the office so…hopefully, with so many people looking for her, she will be found soon!

    1. THANKS a lot !!!!!! That’s very nice!

      1. No problem – I live in the West Island – Fingers crossed!:)

  15. do you have any other pictures? The dog may have been picked up by someone already. There are so many people and dogs iat that park, one even has a St Pierre puppy. I wouldn’t want people to constantly ask them if it is REALLY their dog.

    1. Author

      Hi Andria,

      Élisabeth has sent new pictures, thanks for the suggestion!

  16. put some posters up in Baie D’Urfe. I don’t remember what day it was…maybe 5-6 days ago I was driving on Surrey in Baie d’Urfe and I saw a black and white dog running on one of the side streets between Surrey and the 20. (near the townhouses) I found it strange because there was no one with him. My dog was in the car with me and we were rushing to go up nortth. and following my husband in another car. I don’t know if this was Charlottte but put up posters at the Baie d’Urfe vet and the Proxim pharmacy. I’m haunted by the fact that I didn’t stop to investigate.

    1. this long weekend is the best chance to find her. Allsurrounding cities must be covered too.

  17. I will put up some posters, after work tomorrow, at the vets, pet stores, grocery stores, etc. Luckily, it’s a very pet friendly neighborhood, so hopefully someone has taken her in.

    1. Yes! Than you so much I really appreciate your help.

  18. Make sure you check the Berger Blanc! You MUST go directly there to verify as you cannot trust what bthey tell you by phone. They have been known to sell peoples pets, and it doesn’t take long. Go check ASAP as they try to make a buck on the sellable dogs almost immediately.

    1. I went yesterday!! Thank you

  19. A friend of mine said that he saw Charlotte this past Monday, October 3rd on the corner of Beaurrepaire and Angel in Beaconsfield, heading toward Woodland. I will try to take a drive around there tomorrow. Perhaps you should put some flyers up in that area? 🙂

  20. Thank you everyone for your help. I will go put some more posters in the park. I cheked at the spca in montreal, and called to every place I could but there wasn’t any trace of her. I really hope we find her soon :'(

  21. I think you should go put up posters, many people who go there are regulars at the park- I am there atleast 2 to 3 times per week and see the same people there every time i go.

    1. Author

      Thanks Christine, I’ll pass on the message, I saw a few, but not many, unless they got taken down. The owners aren’t from the area, so I hope the sitters will go back and put up more!

  22. She returned back to the place where you lost her. Ask any one to put her some food same place, that will keep her in the area. Hope she’s found soon.

    1. Author

      I know this area, as at the moment I’m staying 5 minutes away! It’s an immensely popular off leash dog park. People come by car from all over to take their dogs walking in the woods, which are quite large. It’s also where the commuter train stops. There would have been plenty of opportunity for her to be picked up by someone! I took my dogs out to see if there were any signs of her, but no luck.

      1. Hope she gets attrackted to dogs and follows any one to safety. I agree with Christine, posters should help, otherwise people may think owners are around and won’t react.

        1. Author

          I agree, I saw a few posters, but not many, and it was because I was looking for them. And a dog running around on her own would not look out of place. Unfortunately, the owners are at a distance, and aren’t familiar with the area, but I’m going to pass on the message.

  23. The number to call is: Beaconsfield Municipal Patrol (By-law Enforcement; Animal Control) 514 630-1234, let them know your situation and they will keep an eye out for her, if she is found I believe she would be taken to the SPCA on Jean-Talon 514-735-2711 (call them and check if she has been brought in)

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