I’ve added a new link on the side. Part of my morning routine, after I’ve fed my pets, is to go to this site and feed the shelter animals. It costs nothing and the cumulative effect is amazing. Between July and December of 2008 they raised 33.5 million bowls of food just from visitors clicking on their site. That’s on top of the 6.3 million from purchases.

You can also go there from here :

The Animal Rescue Site


  1. Hello Petluck, i can’t find the link to The Animal Rescue Site on your home page this morning. I’ve been using this link to click every morning for more than a year now, so i’m a little lost now that it’s gone! And i bet i’m not the only one. Have you removed it for good?

    1. Author

      Hi Isabelle, It wasn’t intentionally removed, it was something with the code. It’s all better now!

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