1. Hi ! Adriana, the 2 huskys left the SPCA with the same owner…

  2. There is also another dog with the

    ID:171401 Arrivé:30-10-2011

    Looks similar….2 pictures before the ID 402

  3. Hi , I called the owner, not a match. The one at the spca is a male husky, and his owner was found. So that little girl is still out there, the owner said that it the first time she has run away, she could be very lost !!

    1. Author

      Hi Danielle, Perhaps it’s best to call them as they don’t reply to emails… I can’t update if she’s still missing.

  4. Just looked on the map, it’s a big area where she was lost. She may hide in the parc. Are there posters everywhere?
    Was there any sightings?

  5. Was she wearing a collar? tags?
    Hope she’s found very soon.

  6. Je viens de parler à la propriétaire, et le Husky (spca) no.171060 ….Ce n’est pas Elle !! 🙁

        1. Author

          HI Bob, no news just yet, I’ve sent a note.

          1. Author

            Just to give an update, the person who seems to have found Sasha the day she went missing has been tracked down, a park employee! A call has been made and they’re waiting anxiously for news. So fingers crossed!

            1. So I was right she was hiding in the park. I suspected that, my dog would do the same.
              It may me good that the employee have her, or not. He should have been looking for owner.
              Owner must drop everything and call the park or even go there demanding the dog.

              1. Author

                I’m concerned too that they didn’t report her found. She did go to inquire, this is how she tracked down this information!
                The park employee recognized the picture. and said someone in the office took her home.

                1. I don’t like it.
                  Let’s pray owner can have her, very soon. Is owner going there? I would not move from there until employee is called and I talk to him/her.

                  1. Author

                    Message from Julie :

                    OUI 🙂 🙂 🙂
                    Nous allons chercher notre Sasha ce soir à 9h30 pm.
                    Quel soulagement.

                    MERCI à tous pour votre vigilance.
                    Bonne chance à ceux et celles qui chercher toujours.

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