1. He’s been found! 🙂 He was reclaimed yesterday at the Montreal SPCA

    1. Author

      Thanks Elysia, would be nice to hear it from her owner… Geez! 🙂

    1. Author

      Thanks Mandy! I’ve had a lot of people pick up on that, and yet still no response from Miky’s owner… Perhaps she’s already picked him up, but I haven’t received any confirmation yet…

  2. Oui je crois aussi que c’est bien lui,, il a les même lignes de son poil dans le visage et sur les pattes,,
    Bonne chance.

  3. Pretty sure that is her dog. I just called her and left her a message !! Tania please let us know.

    1. Author

      I spotted him last night and sent a note too, hopefully we haven’t heard back because she’s gone to pick him up!

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