1. I though hard before posting the following, but decided to go ahead.
    To the owners, who had declawed their cats:
    When your declawed cat goes missing, you start to shed crocodile tears and leave ‘missed very much ” notes .Personally, I don’t believe you. In fact, it’s most likely your own fault and you are to blame. Your cat is not a toy or a subject to pleasure you, it is a leaving creature. If you love your furniture more than your cat, don’t take any cat in. If your cat scratched you, learn how to respect her/his boundaries and teach your kids to do the same. You think that your cat will never go out, think again, you never know how your life will turn out and where your cat will end up. It happened to my Kevin. He was declawed by the man, who later went to retirement home, dumped Kevin at SPCA, where we adopted him. I know of at least two episodes of declawed cat drowning with in one block!
    Some people may find my comments too harsh, so be it! It’s not about that people feelings, it’s about lives they endanger and affect in a very cruel way.
    Because of people like them, my family including two other cats are suffering .Thank you for understanding, may it never happen to any pet.
    RIP my beautiful boy.I love you and miss you very much.

  2. Kevin, My dear boy drowned this morning in a neighbor’s pool. I am blaming it totaly on myself. I loved him deeply, watched every his step as much as I could, always worried when he wasn’t coming back home for more than 2 hours. Some people would say that I shouldn’t let him go out at all and they are totally right. But he wanted to go so much, I just could not resist.
    Now some thouhgts:
    I adopted Kevin from SPCA, he was already declawed. That’s why he could not get out of that pool. People, stop declawing your cats. It very cruel and dangerous. It should be considered as an animal abuse and a criminal act. If you concerned about your expensive furniture or carpet do not take cats at all!! Vet clinics should be banned from performing that procedure and fined in case of non compliance. I have 2 more cats, both of them fell into the same pool, but were able to get out because they have claws. One accident happened even 2 days ago.
    Pool owners should cover their pools for winter with black cover as many of them do, but it should be mandatory. Cats don’t understand that ice is thin. In their mind It is solid and they can walk on it.

    1. Author

      I’m so sorry for your loss Elena, thank you for your message, and please accept my condolences.

  3. Kevin has returned home on his own later this evening after the hole day on the run! We think that he may be locked in someone’s garage. We are very happy to see our boy back home!

    1. Author

      Hi Elena! Glad he’s back already, thanks for the update!

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