1. Before deleting this entry, I wanted to encourage everyone out there who lost a cherished pet not to give up hope. Olly was located this morning by some very nice people at Jenny Craig in Centrolpolis (Laval) and we were contacted by SPCA. He is back home safe and sound and now we can all get some sleep finally!

    Avant de supprimer cette annonce, je voulais juste mettre à jour pour donner espoir à tous ceux qui ont perdu un animal cheri. Nous avons trouvé Olly ce matin et il est de retour sain et sauf. Merci à tous pour leur soutien et leur gentillesse tout au long de cette période très stressante

    1. Author

      Hi Jenn!

      How phenomenal! Thanks for the words of encouragement for the others who are still looking. So glad you have Olly home again!

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