1. Bonjour Tina. Merci pour ton intérêt envers la chatte que j’ai trouvé le 31 octobre. Elle a passé les 2 premières nuits chez une dame agée qui a 3 chats d’intérieur. La dame prenait la chatte dans ses bras et la minoune allait se coller la tête dans son cou. Un des matous n’acceptait pas la chatte et il montrait des signes d’agressivité envers elle. La vieille dame considérait que la chatte serait pas en sécurité et a donc été la porter chez sa voisine qui a accepté de l’acceuillir temporairement. Cette voisine, qui a une petite chienne, peut la garder jusqu’au 14 novembre. C’est très généreux de sa part. À voir l’état de la petite créature au corps difforme, boire abondamment et manger avec gourmandise, on se questionnent sur sa condition de santé et de sa condition de vie avant de la trouvée le matin de l’Hallowen…

    1. Annie, I will call you this afternoon!

  2. Thank you Alexis. Yes I love my Max very much. I have received 3 calls tonight alone from good samaritans, but each time it turns out not to be my cat :(. The last lady to call me was in front of my building. I spoke with her and described my Max in detail and she said that she is fairly certain that she saw him just outside yesterday. I don’t want to get my hopes up, since there are a lot of cats out here roaming the streets, but it’s hard not to. She will keep an eye out and call me if ever she does see him. Please send good vibes our way, and we will keep you posted!

  3. My heart goes out to you. He is a handsome boy, and you obviously love him. I hope very much for a happy reunion.

  4. Thank you very much for your advice Bob. We have been looking non stop for 4 days now, and have followed every bit of advice listed here and on other sites. Over 100 flyers have been put up over the last few days, not only in my neighbourhood, but the surrounding ones as well. I’ve talked to everyone I pass on the street, showing them pictures and asking if they’ve seen him. Left flyers with all the animal clinics, pet stores in the area. Called the SPCA, Berger Blanc, and animal control. Posted his picture on every internet site available. Carry a flashlight at night hoping to see his eyes flashing, shake the treats bag, put food and water outside next to a tshirt that has my scent on it. Even went so far as to sprinkle some of his used litter around my building hoping to help him find his way home. My only hope now is that somebody sees him and has a big enough heart to call me!!!!!!!

  5. Cat definitely is scared and is hiding around home. Please follow the tips listed on Petluck and look for it.

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