1. Hey Danielle at least it’s a happy ending. I was just checking the Berger Blanc site..for me it was down most of the day. So happy you reunited them. I can’t believe though how some people don’t check these sites themselves daily. I know if I lost my dog I would always be checking. Take care and have a good evening !

    1. Author

      To be fair, Zeus arrived on the 9th, and as you said, the site was down most of the day! I’m just glad he’s home! Thanks again Danielle!

  2. Hi Donna, I was asking my self the same thing, I asked Samir if the B.B told him anything , they said that someone in Laval called them to pick up the dog , they gave Samir the phone no. of the people who found him. I forgot to ask if Zeus was neutered. Hope he was, and if not hope wasn’t yoused to breed Zeus is a very good looking dog !! A least his now home safe ! On the pic. at the B.B he looked a little wornd out.

  3. Great job Danielle !! 🙂 Wonder where he was for over a month !!

  4. Just so happy…After I say the pic. on B.B, I called right away the owner, he went straight to The B.B…and it was Zeus 🙂 ..Samir told me that Zeus almost jump over the door when he say him ….Another great ending for you PET LUCK !!!! 🙂

    1. Author

      That’s wonderful news!! Congrats on your save!! 🙂 🙂

  5. Any luck so far?

    1. Author

      As of this afternoon he still isn’t found…

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