1. I am still looking for Charlotte. She has been missing for 2 years now, but I still check the websites of the shelters around the area. I still hope I will find her soon 🙁

    1. Keep verifying with Kahnawake Animal control, call them, visit them including AMR and all vets in the area.
      I hope you find her.

      1. I’ve still been checking different shelters since she was lost. No luck yet 🙁

  2. Any news ?…Hoping it was a match 🙂

    1. Author

      No news, so maybe not. She promised to follow up…

  3. Great..let us know !!!

    1. I left a message… à suivre!!

      1. Author

        I sent an email, I’d like to know if she’s still missing!

          1. Author

            She’s seen the photo, will be checking tomorrow, cross your fingers please!

  4. Hi Elisabeth..the dog at the SPCA looks very similar. Have you tried contacting the owner ??

    1. No, I don’t like to cal like that, but since you think he looks similar too, I’ll will try today.

  5. Any news on that dog?

  6. I hope you notified Kahnawake Animal control, AMR Saint Constant as well, don’t know if the Peacekeepers can help too.

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