1. 172244 at SPCA looks identical to Collete and although they say he is a male, they have been wrong before, so just a heads up to double check the gender.

    1. I went to SPCA today and inquired about 172244. They told me he was a male cat who was found in Plateau Mt-Royal and they had to put him down because he was apparently very sick. The girl must have thought I was a crazy person when I kept asking her if they were 100% sure he was male.

    2. Thanks anyway for the heads up :))

      1. Your welcome, I just wanted you to make certain as there has been mistakes on the gender before, The SPCA is very good with the information, however everyone makes mistakes. Good luck in finding Colette

    1. Le chat sur le site d’SPCA a un poil mi-long. Ma chatte ressemble comme deux gouttes d’eau au 172244 mais j’ai déjà appelé et celui-là est un mâle.

      Merci quand même. :))

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