1. you found it?

    1. No we didn’t find it after 1 year and a half. 🙁 But we think of him almost every day.

  2. check SPCA st-Calixte

    1. I Just did but I didn’t see any dog. Have you seen one that looks like mine ? Thank you.

  3. I’m so sorry it wasn’t Lucky. We will all be looking out for him…Do keep checking petfinder.com in case a rescue picked him up. Hopefully the next comment will be about finding him.

  4. Deidre..I was thinking the same thing and about to post…I hope it’s him 🙂 fingers crossed

    1. Donna,

      See what I wrote to Deirdre. Thanks a lot too.


    1. Thank you Deirdre to watch for us. We’ve been to the SPCA today to see if it was him, because the face was really similar to the one of Lucky. But this dog is so big compare to ours. He is about 4 times Lucky. It’s amazing how sometimes the pictures don’t represent the reality. Anyway, we continue to look at him. I guess one day…. hope so much.

      Thanks a lot


  5. Hi Chantal..please check SPCA website 173108. Good luck !

    1. Thanks Donna. I’ve seen him this morning on the site. We’ve been to the SPCA, but it’s not him. In french, we say : «jamais 2 sans 3». Which means the third time will be the good one. Well, I hope.

      Thanks again. We really appreciate.

  6. Sorry to hear that Chantal. I will be looking but please check the websites SPCA and Berger Blanc everyday. I hope you put posters around your place. Good Luck..i really hope you find him !

    1. I do check and call everyday. I go every 2 days at Berger Blanc and SPCA and mine in my area. I put 240 posters all around my place and in some public place. It’s a job full time to look for my dog, but I don’t mind. I’ll find him one day. Thanks for encouraging me.

    1. At first sight, we don’t think it’s him, because he looks bigger than ours. His hairs are longer too. But we will call them tomorrow to make sure. We thank you so much. It’s encouraging to see that some people cares about animals. Thanks a lot.

  7. Check the SPCA website # 172908. Good luck !

    1. Hi Donna,

      We’ve been there this morning and it’s not him. Obviously, he’s bigger than Lucky. Thanks again for watching, we do appreciate it. If you think you see him, please let me know.

      Have a nice day.

    1. No. Sorry for the delay, but I didn’t know I could receive some message here. Thanks a lot.

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