1. Attendez il y a une annonce proche de chez moi et le chien lui ressemble beaucoup …ne le donnez pas au berger blanc io vz mourir …je vous redonne des nouvelles sous peu

  2. Maybe they saw all of the comments of how bad the Berger Blanc is and felt bad (not everyone knows that it is not an animal “shelter”).

  3. I called Berger Blanc and they say he was claimed by his owner on December 12th. Hope so!

  4. I saw him on the SPCA and Petluck site as having been found by strangers (not his family) and staying with them and then I saw him on the Berger Blanc site and new that the people who found him dumped him there:( I’ll call and see if anyone will tell me anything and let you know…

    1. Author

      Deirdre, the person who found him contacted me yesterday to say the dog has returned to him! If it is the same dog he is back with his finder.

      1. i’m very happy to hear! 🙂

  5. Their adoption pictures are all wrong too. When the pictures of the 29 dogs were taken on Dec. 1st there were only about 10 pictures on the adoption page and most of those dogs weren’t there when the rescue groups went to save them. I believe someone is going over in the next few days, we’ll see if he is still there or he was actually claimed as they said.

  6. deirdre: how did you find out he was at BB? did you see him on the site? it concerns me if you did and now he’s off the site. i really hope he wasn’t already put down. he looks like a real sweetheart 🙁

  7. The SPCA and AMR are both full so I can imagine BB is too – sometimes they update pictures?! I bet there will be a lot more posted later today or tomorrow – although whether the animals are actually there or not is another story:(

    1. Author

      The last date posted is the 10th! So there are 3-4 days of strays not posted!

  8. i just went on the berger blanc site and i only see 4 dogs? and this one isn’t among them. something doesn’t seem right.

    1. Author

      He was apparently claimed, but I guess they dont’ update with that information anymore.

  9. You can’t really believe Berger Blanc staff but I will hope that it’s true! I was so sad for him when I saw that the people who found him dumped him there but at least they put his picture on the site right away – most of the pictures are old.

    The adoption pictures don’t match the actual number of dogs (waiting to be euthanized) there either and some dogs on the site now, I know were rescued last week, and there are a lot more that don’t ever have their picture taken:(

    Let’s hope that he made it home:)

  10. Deirdre,
    I called this morning to BB and a woman told me that his owners were found, it’s true?

  11. Can’t anyone take him out until owner is found? I know it’s too much to ask, but saving that poor dog is worth it.

  12. Pauvre bête au berger blanc… il ne les garde que 5 jours et après euthanasie

  13. Ce chien serait rendu au Berger Blanc?

  14. They dumped him at Berger Blanc:(

    Date d’arrivée: 09/12/2011
    Type d’animal: Chien
    Race: Épagneul breton
    Age: Male Adulte
    Notre dossier: EC-30738

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