1. I am so happy !!!

  2. Hey..I called the girl on the phone..she was in tears. Yesterday one of my firends posted on Facebook a pic of the dog they found on HWY 20 early yesterday morning. His leg has been broken…guess he was hit by a car. A good samaritan took him to the vet. At lunch I always check your website and he was the first dog I saw so I called the girl at the number above and got in touch with my friend who has all the info and she called her. After my friend spoke to her on the phone she posted on Facebook that it was definately her dog. I hope she calls you and let’s you know !! The power of Facebook and Petluck..never even had to leave me desk ..LOL !!! Keep up the great work 🙂

    1. Author

      Thanks for following my site so closely, simply amazing when things come together! I just received a note from the owner to say she’s not yet got a location for Candy though.

      Edit : Okay, confirmed she’s found his address, and is driving to get him. Will update with details later!

  3. YAY…Person with all the info just contacted her and it is her dog. Thanks Petluck for another Happy Ending !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi i just spoke to you on the phone. Like I said one of my Facebook friends posted this pic yesterday of a dog (looks identical to yours) taht they found in Dorval on HWY 20 early in the morning. He has a broken leg and was taken to the vet. Someone should be calling you very shortly with all the info. Please keep us posted.
    Good Luck,

    1. Author

      Thanks, I saw the link and called her, waiting for location. She’s really anxious to find out where he is!

      1. Author

        Hi Donna, you spoke with the owner you mean? I didn’t speak with you, I got off the phone with Maggie the owner, so as to keep the line free, so I hope you spoke with her after I hung up. Thanks for everything!!

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